Brandon Watts Picks Georgia Tech

Brandon Watts, a big time linebacker from Washington County that many schools around the southeast covet, committed to Georgia Tech on Tuesday. His announcement brings the number of early commits for Tech to four and all play along the defensive front seven.

Brandon, I understand you have an announcement to make tonight?

"Yes sir, I wanted to let Georgia Tech know that I am committing to them and end my recruiting process."

I understand you just received an offer from Florida too?

"Yes sir I did but that will not change anything. I am 100% committed to Georgia Tech and when other coaches call me I will tell them I am a Georgia Tech commitment. My commitment to Georgia Tech is a firm one."

What made you decide now was the time for your announcement?

"I really like the coaches at Georgia Tech and I felt now was the time to go ahead and say that I am committed to playing for Georgia Tech. I felt real comfortable when I was there and I feel real comfortable about the decision too."

What make the coaches at Georgia Tech the ones you like so much?

"I love the way they play defense and how they coach the linebackers. My recruiting coach, Giff Smith was a big plus in the deal too. I really like how they coach up the defense and how I will fit into the system there. They told me that I will be playing outside linebacker, most likely the SAM position. I just feel real comfortable with the coaches and I do get along with them very much."

Dales Take:
Georgia Tech continues to roll in getting early commitments and they are getting great players on defense thus far. Brandon continues a trend of defensive recruits and a trend of getting great players from Washington County. Brandon is extremely happy with his decision and is very firm on his commitment too. Top Stories