RB David Oku Discusses Recruitment

David Oku, a highly sought after running back from Oklahoma City, spoke with Scout.com about his recruiting and his plans for the summer. He also discussed how he will determine which schools will get visits from him.

David Oku, a highly sought after running back from Oklahoma City, spoke with Scout.com about his recruiting and his plans for the summer. He also discussed how he will determine which schools will get visits from him.

David, what are your measureables?

"I am 5' 10" and weigh 188 pounds and run a 4.47 forty time."

Have you made any unofficial visits or Junior Day visits this year?

"Not really. I went to the one at Oklahoma a while back, but I haven't really done much else but plans will be made in the future."

How did the visit go?

"It was okay, nothing real exciting as I have been to Oklahoma many times and know it real well."

How many offers do you have to date?

"I have thirteen offers to date. Ones that I can remember right off the top of my head are from Auburn, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Florida State, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Tulsa and Michigan."

That is an impressive list, is there a favorite among those teams?

"No sir, not at this time. I will sit down once I get all the offers that I am looking for and then decide on which ones that I like the most and decide on which ones to visit."

Will that be the same way you determine which teams get your five official visits?

"Yes sir, the ones that get my five visits probably will be the ones I am most interested in or want to learn more about them."

Do you have any camps set up for the summer?

"The only one I know I am going to at this time is Southern Cal. I know I will be going to more, I just haven't set them up right now."

What factors will play into which schools you will visit?

"First off, I have really hit the books my junior year and have learned that an education is very valuable. I want to go to a school that is sound academically. Secondly, I will go to a school that runs the ball. I don't want to go to a school like Hawaii that passes the ball probably eighty percent of the time. If they run the ball, I will most definitely be interested in them.

Also, a school will have to be one that feels like home to me. If I can't find one that feels like home, I might as well stay at home and play close to home. Still, I'd love to get away from home though and experience life.

Getting along with the coaches and others players is very important too. I want a coach that cares about you off the field, one that will make sure you are on top of your school work and taking care of business off the football field. Plus I want coaches that are committed to staying at the school as I want to have the same coach my whole four to five years at college."

How about campus setting, do you prefer a small town or big city setting?

I prefer a big city setting most definitely. I want to be able to branch out and enjoy life too. In a small town campus setting, you don't get a chance to do much. You see the same people everyday. I want a chance to meet new people and learn new experiences."

You mentioned a school that runs the ball is important to you. Does the fact that Georgia Tech, a school that has offered you, has a new coach that is bringing in the triple option make them stand out?

"To be honest, I didn't know that. I had no idea they would be running that offense. I really like that. That is very good news for Georgia Tech as that makes them so much more attractive to me."

Have you set a timetable for when you want to choose a college?

"I'd like to announce my choice on my birthday, which October 10th. If I don't do it then, I will most likely announce sometime in early November."

How does you high school team look this upcoming season?

"We should be okay once we get our offensive line set. We are a bit small up front but once we get that part settled, we should do very well. We went 10-2 last year and went pretty far in the playoffs. We hope to do as well if not better this year."

What do you feel are your best traits as a running back?

I feel my vision and being able to get separation from the tacklers. Once I hit the secondary, I can take it to the house."

What would you like to work on?

I'd like to be consistent on my speed. It seems sometimes I can hit 4.4 or better and then run a 4.6 or so. I want to be able to hit that 4.4 speed on a consistent basis."

Have your teammates given you a nickname?

"Not really. I haven't been given one that has really stuck, but most people call me "O2" because my older brother was Oku and now instead of calling me Oku, they call me "O2".

Dale's Take:
David is a very articulate person. He has a very clear plan on when he will choose which schools he will visit and what will determine which schools they will be. He knows what he wants to do in college and says he will work very hard this summer and fall to get better as a football player and use the entire year to get better as a student too. He has good grades but he wants them to be better and he wants to be able to go to college and not have the shock of the difference between high school and college life hitting hard.

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