QB Newton Still Weighing His Options

Morgan Newton, Scout.com's 7th ranked QB nationally, is bringing a lot of attention to the state of Indiana. He has collected 10 offers and is talking regularly with the top football programs across the country. Coming off a class 5-A state championship, the All-Conference and All-State selection is hoping to repeat this season. In the meantime he has a lot going on with the recruiting process.

Morgan Newton is coming off a dream season in which his team won the state championship in the highest classification. Morgan is not only the QB on that team but also helps out at safety on obvious passing situations on 3rd and long and 4th downs. Completing the repeat will be a difficult task since he loses his leading tailback, wide receiver and several mult-year starters off the offensive and defensive lines. Yet Morgan is very positive about his team's chances here in the offseason.

As we turn to recruiting, Morgan has already landed 10 offers and was able to name them all off the top of his head. "I know some of them: Kentucky, Indiana, Purdue, Iowa, Louisville, Minnesota, Clemson, Illinois, Nebraska and Virginia", said Newton. The list is not likely to stop there as many other top programs are giving Morgan a look. "There are a lot of them. Lately we've been talking with Boston College, Georgia Tech, Miami, Florida, LSU, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State and Notre Dame. We stay in contact with a lot of people."

Morgan's team, Carmel High, runs the spread offense. It must be a sight to see him running around in that offense since he is 6'5" and weighs 215 pounds. When asked if he could run that kind of offense in college he stated, "I feel confident running any kind of offense. I would rather pass but I feel one of my strengths is that I can run when a play breaks down."

He's not only talented on the field, but schools won't have to worry too much about his ability in the classroom either. "I've taken honors classes my whole life", said Newton. "I think I have a 3.3 or 3.4 GPA and I've taken both the SAT and ACT. As far as academics, it's obviously a key point in the decision we're going to make in a college. It's important to me and my family."

The process has really just begun for Morgan. It may be a while before he starts to narrow his list of favorites. "I'm still open to all colleges as of right now and I'm just trying to learn more and more about the universities."

With opportunities not only in the area around him but also along the east coast and in the south, is geography going to play a part in his decision? "It's important but it's not that important", said Newton about what part of the country he could end up in. "A lot of the interest is coming from the Big 10, which is around where I live, but my family is originally from the south. Both of my parents are from Louisiana. My father was born there and has lived here most of his life. My mom lived there all the way through high school and went to college there – they both went to college there."

His parents both attended Grambling State University, where his father actually played football under legendary Head Coach Eddie Robinson. "Yes he did play for Eddie Robinson", said Newton. "I met him when I was younger so I didn't remember so much, but I went to the last game he coached. That was the Bayou Classic – right Dad? It was the Bayou Classic which was the last game he coached. So I actually have met him."

Morgan has already taken many unofficial visits to catch some college games last year. He witnessed games at Notre Dame, Indiana and Purdue twice each. He watched Kentucky versus Louisville and Ohio State versus Illinois. One game stood out to him. "The Kentucky-Louisville game was somewhat surprising to me because I thought Kentucky was a basketball town. Seeing the fan support for the football program the way they did – it might have been just because of the Louisville game – but that stood out to me."

Newton has seen some good quarterbacks at the games he's attended and he always pays close attention to them both live and on television. Did any in particular catch his eye? "Wow, obviously Andre Woodson – I got to see him a couple of times this year. Definitely watched Brian Brohm to see what he did at Louisville. This year it will be interesting to see Terrelle Pryor at Ohio State."

A lot of schools will be following Morgan in the recruiting process this year, but don't look for a decision to be forthcoming anytime soon. "I'm not sure so much on when I'm going to make a decision", said Newton. "I'll probably wait until after the season next year. We're definitely going to take our time and try to look for a place that fits best."

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