Brown To Decide Before Senior Year

Jahron Brown, from East Paulding High School, is a big bruising running back that is coveted by many teams across the Southeast. Jahron is 6' even and weighs 220 pounds and has been timed on several occasions at 4.55 in the forty.

Jahron Brown, from East Paulding High School, is a big bruising running back that is coveted by many teams across the Southeast. Jahron is 6' even and weighs 220 pounds and has been timed on several occasions at 4.55 in the forty. The best way to describe Jahron is a tailback in a fullback body. While Jahron wasn't available to talk about his recruitment, Mr. Brown (his Dad) spoke with about his son's recruitment. Jahron is only 16 and will be younger than most entering college.

Mr. Brown, Has your son been receiving contact from many schools?

He has at that. We have sent out his film on his junior year to many schools and have received very positive feedback from a lot of schools. Auburn, Louisville, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State, Central Florida, and Alabama are just a few that have been in contact with either me or Jahron."

What has the coaches said about Jahron?

Coach Bohannon from Georgia Tech and other coaches from Tech send mail weekly and have said that they loved the film on Jahron and want him to come by to their practices. The coaches at Auburn has told us that would have already offered him a scholarship if they were under the old offense they ran last year, but now they are installing an new offense they are evaluating what personal they have now to see what type of backs they need before they offer running backs. The coaches at Louisville have asked us to come up there so they can see Jahron and show him the school and how he would fit in their offense."

Will you and Jahron be heading to any camps or combines soon?

"We will head up to the camp being held in Charlotte in the very near future and will be going to the camp at Auburn on April 28th. I know Jahron and I will take in as many practices as we can at Georgia Tech since they are right down the road. Plus we will be going to the Junior Day at Georgia Tech on April 12th. Jahron felt that it was an honor to be invited to Georgia Tech's Junior Day."

Have you advised Jahron on how to set up his five official visits?

"I told him that we can go to as many Junior Days and camps as we can and see the schools where they are being held plus he can use his official visits to other schools to be able to see more schools. If we go to six or seven camps and Junior Days and that combined with his five official visits would basically give him eleven or twelve schools he could visit and gather information about those schools."

How about summer camps, has any been lined up for Jahron?

"We have been asked to come to the ones at Georgia Tech, Auburn, Alabama, Louisville, and Oklahoma State. I know we will be going to the ones at Georgia Tech and Auburn for sure but the others we just don't know right now if we will attend or not."

Does Jahron have any favorites right now?

"He doesn't have any right now. Jahron's dream since he was five years old was to play football on the major college level. We are originally from the Syracuse, New York area and Syracuse was his team as a child but since we moved down to Georgia when he was five, he has pretty much grown to loving to play football and not really having a favorite team. He wants to play football on the college level more than anything and he is working hard both in the class room and on the field to make that dream come true."

Does Jahron have a preference to play in-state or out-of-state?

"He really doesn't. The only thing that he has set up in that he wants to stay within a six or seven hour radius from home. Other than that, he will look at any school within that distance."

How about a timetable for a decision on a college choice?

"He wants to have a decision made before his senior year starts and I think that is the best thing too. He wants to concentrate on his last year of football in high school and not have the distraction from all the recruiting. Basically it will come down to what schools have offered him and if the ones that have are ones that will give him the best chance to succeed on the field and the classroom he will choose from them."

What is Jahron's best trait as a running back?

"His power is very good. He will lower his shoulder and hit the defender without hesitation. He also has great vision on the field. He can see the hole opening and will hit it hard and quick. Also, his agility is very good as he can make a cut on a dime as they say. His footwork is very good too."

Does Jahron play defense given his size and speed?

He does play middle linebacker and is the only one on his team to play both ways. He is very good on defense as he made sixteen tackles in his very first game at middle linebacker. However, his dream and desire is to be a running back in college. He wants to play offense very much. I have film on him playing defense and he asked me not to send it out. That is how much he wants to play running back."

What were his stats last year?

"Playing mostly out of the fullback or B-Back position he netted over nine hundred yards on about one hundred carries and scored sixteen touchdowns."

Dale's Take:
Mr. Brown and I had a very lengthy conversation on just about everything from Jahron's early years playing football to having a big year in high school. The family is good friends with Dorsey Levens and Mr. Brown went to the same high school with Mike Hart too. Both Jahron and his Dad have a good handle on the recruiting and will be very diligent and gather a lot of information to use to make a sound decision. Top Stories