Luallen Names Leader After Visit

Jordan Luallen came away from his second visit to Georgia Tech very impressed with the Yellow Jackets. Enough so that he claims Tech is now the leader for his services. Jordan talks about the rain-soaked scrimmage and what he talked about with the Tech coaches while on his visit.

Jordan Luallen takes me through the events on Saturday at Georgia Tech. He took an unofficial visit there along with his father.

"We got there; talked to a few recruits and we went and watched the scrimmage. We got to see some good things out of that which was very beneficial to see. After that we went to Coach (Paul) Johnson's office for a little while and talked to him. Then they took me on a tour around the campus. We talked again with Coach (Brian) Bohannon, before heading back out."

The conversation with the coaches covered everything from the scrimmage to how they see Jordan fitting into the new Tech offense.

"We were just talking in general, about other recruits – people they like, what they thought about practice and how I fit into the offense. The made it very clear to me that they feel like I'm a perfect fit for this offense - with my rushing ability and ability to pass the ball and especially being able to throw the ball on the run, which is probably my strongest point in my passing game. I feel really good about my fit in the offense as well."

With a second visit to Tech and some other stops along the way, is Jordan any closer to making a decision?

"It's still a work in progress. I feel really comfortable at Tech and everything was very good so we'll just see where it goes form there."

Jordan claims offers from the following schools to date in addition to Tech's offer: Indiana, Cincinnati, Iowa and Stanford. Other schools of interest that are keeping tabs on Luallen as well include: Kentucky, Purdue, Maryland, Michigan and Ohio State. "Those are the ones I'm dealing with heavily," said Luallen. "And on my spring break I went down to Miami just for a couple of days and dropped my film off to them. Coach (Patrick) Nix said he really liked what he saw and he's going to be coming up to see me in April, so we'll see what goes on with that too."

As for the scrimmage at Tech, it was a sloppy day for the offense in the rain and with starter Josh Nesbitt sitting out the practice while nursing an injury. Jordan saw room for improvement in the offense and was impressed with the defense this day.

"I felt like there was definitely room for improvement on the offensive side of the ball. There were some fumbles and some misreads but when putting in a new offense it's like learning a new language. They're all trying to get used to everything, get used to each other in a different t type of offense and trying to gel. Overall I though they looked very good. I was hoping to see Josh Nesbitt play. I didn't get a chance to see that but I look forward to seeing him play sometime. I felt like the defense played tremendous. They have a lot of big kids on the offense and I felt like they pursued on the ball really well. The offense still got in some really good plays too. I remember specifically Jonathan Dwyer hit the left side and ran for 30 yards or so. Overall I thought the practice was good."

I found it interesting that he was so interested in Nesbitt, a guy he could conceivably compete against if he were to choose the Yellow Jackets down the line.

"Actually I watched him some last year. I was a big fan of his. I followed the recruiting game ever since I was younger. Nesbitt was one of the kids I was very familiar with. I've always liked watching him. I feel like he's a really good player. So I was excited to be able to come to Georgia Tech and, now that they offered me, I'm excited to maybe have the possibility to play with him."

What did the coaches tell Jordan they thought about the scrimmage?

They weren't feeling too great about the practice – too many misreads and too much bickering between some of the guys and also the fumbles were something that really got to them. Obviously fumbles aren't something you want to see from the offense. I think though they still feel like they're heading I a positive direction even though they had a bump in the road [Saturday]."

Jordan was asked to compare his playing style with Josh's.

"I feel like we have pretty similar running styles except for – and I'm not going to shy away from contact and I'm not afraid to fun over a guy – but I feel like I'm more of a finesse runner. I use more of my quickness and speed to run the ball. I have a quick release and obviously he does too, so I feel like we both have similar playing styles."

Though he felt that all of the teams that have offered him are all close together in the pack, Jordan feels like one team has stepped out to a lead for his services.

"Georgia Tech is definitely my favorite right now."

During the next high school season Jordan wants to concentrate on leading his team to a state championship and hopes to be done with recruiting by then. "I'd like to get it done by the start of the season," said Luallen.

Luallen hasn't made any solid plans to schedule any other visits yet at this time. With the track season coming up, he's going to have to check the schedule and plan around those events. He competes in four track events: 110 hurdles, 300 hurdles, 4x100, and 4x400. He runs the second leg in the 100 relay and anchor for the 400 relay. Those are the only two sports he plays. During the winter he says he continues to work for the football team by weightlifting with his teammates and preparing for the next season. Top Stories