Dontae Aycock Almost Pulls Trigger

Dontae Aycock is a highly rated quarterback from Tampa Chamberlain High School. He is being sought by many schools around the country. Dontae is 5' 11" and 210 pounds. He runs a very good 4.48 forty. Dontae spoke with about his recent visit to Georgia Tech.

Dontae Aycock is a highly rated quarterback from Tampa Chamberlain High School. He is being sought by many schools in the southeast and midwest. Dontae is 5' 11" and 210 pounds. He runs a very good 4.48 forty. Dontae talked about a recent visit to Georgia Tech to watch their practice and talked about how he wants to handle his recruiting.

Dontae, how was your trip to Georgia Tech?

"It was very, very good. I was able to see the campus, facilities, and the stadium and field which I liked a lot. I got a chance to meet all the coaches and had a one on one talk with Coach Johnson too. I like Coach Johnson as he seems to be laid back when he's talking to you and you can tell he is a very good family person too."

How did the meeting with Coach Johnson go?

"It was very good. He told me that me that I was a great fit for his offense. He said that I could run extremely well as a quarterback. He said that I could make the pitch needed to execute his offense and that I have a good ability to read defenses. I know when to run it myself, hand off to the correct back, or pass the ball as called for. He feels I can run his offense and be a great fit for the team. He says I am the ideal type quarterback to run his system."

How did the practice go?

"It was one of the most organized practices I've seen. It was very good and I enjoyed watching the whole practice."

Sounds like you had a very good time?

"I did have a great time. To be honest I did not want to leave. I wanted so bad to get out on the field and practice with them. Several times I was ready to tell them I wanted to commit right then, but I know that I have a plan in my recruiting and to be fair to myself I need to stick to it."

What plan do you have in regards to your recruiting?

"I want to get all the schools that are either offering me or are interested in me and see which ones offer the total package of what I want in a school. I want to go to a school with great academics, good football and one that fits my style of play. For example, Georgia Tech and my high school run similar offenses."

What schools are in contact with you?

"I hear from a lot of schools but the ones I am hearing from the most right now are Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Kansas, South Florida, and Duke. I've heard from a lot of schools."

Do you have a top school or a list of ones that are above the rest?

"Right now, Georgia Tech, who has offered me a scholarship, and South Florida are my top two schools."

Do you have anymore visits or summer camps lined up at this time?

"As of today, the only thing that is set to happen is that I will be going back to Georgia Tech on June 14th. I haven't set up any summer camps right now as I want to see who wants me to come to the camps."

How will you decide on which school you will go to?

"I will sit down with my family and coaches and talk it over with them to see what the best fit is for me. My main thing is that the school needs to be one that offers a great education in addition to what football can offer. Location isn't a big priority to me unless the school that is far away doesn't have a good educational program."

Do you have a timeframe for when you want to commit to a school?

"No sir, I'll either commit to a school before my season starts or I will trim the list of schools down to just a few to limit the phone calls and distractions to a minimum and then decide from that small list of schools before signing day."

How about your high school? How is your last season shaping up?

"We have a team goal of winning the state championship. We should have a good season as we have very good players coming back this year and we are looking good."

How about you? What are your best traits as a player?

"I have good ability to run and pass. I can confuse the defense as they don't know if I will run, pass or make the pitch. I also have the ability to escape trouble very well too."

What do you want to work on before college?

"My throwing ability. I'd like to improve that part of my game even though I can throw the ball very well."

Dale's Take:
Dontae was very upbeat about his trip to Atlanta. He said he was itching to get on the field and practice with the team. He almost committed to the Yellow Jackets but he thought about it and felt it was best to weigh his options like he said he would from the beginning of his recruitment. With another visit to Georgia Tech in a couple of months, he might very well pull the trigger this time. Top Stories