Stepp Hopes for GT Offer After Camp

Jordan Stepp, a 6'0.5", 280 pound lineman out of Indianapolis, IN, joined buddy Jordan Luallen at Georgia Tech's camp this past Saturday. Luallen, who is already committed to Tech, is hoping Stepp's camp performance will increase his chances of also landing an offer from the Yellow Jackets.

Jordan Stepp came to Atlanta with a slight hamstring issue. It was just enough of an issue that the trainer he saw at Georgia Tech before the camp told him he shouldn't run any 40 yard dashes. "I was kind of disappointed about that just because I think my speed is why I excel, especially for my height," said Stepp.

He's exactly right about that too. He has an official combine time at the Cincinnati camp of an amazing 4.62 for a kid who also weighed in at 280 pounds.

The hamstring issue didn't seem to hold him back at all in drills though as he stood out in the one-on-one drills. He used that opportunity to make a case for getting an offer from the Tech coaches.

"No, I was doing pretty good in the one-on-ones," said Stepp. "I felt pretty good in the drills."

I asked him if he thought he may have surprised some of the big 300-pound lineman he went up against.

"Hope so," said Stepp. "I hope I surprised the coaches more."

Jordan currently favors two of the schools that have already stepped up with offers – Indiana and Cincinnati.

"Right now my top two are IU and Cincinnati," said Stepp. "They've both offered. I want to say I'm still neutral that I'm really leaning toward both of them. Really I just had a great visit, camp at IU."

Jordan has also received offers from Northern Illinois, Central Michigan, and Ball State.

So, where do things stand with Georgia Tech as of last Saturday?

"They say they like what they've seen on tape and they kind of want to see what I could do today," said Stepp. "That's partly why I was doing the one-on-ones. I really haven't talked to the Tech coaches prior to this. I've kind of been communicating through Jordan Luallen, because me and him are real good buds. I mean I guess they want me as a center, and that's cool with me – I want to go to college to play defensive tackle but it's a big school, a great conference and a great education."

If GT were to come up with an offer, how would that situate them among his leaders?

"It would probably be a three-way tie," said Stepp.

As far as a commitment timeframe goes, Jordan isn't feeling pressed to make a decision any time in the near future. He wants to wait and make that decision around mid-season or so and really get a good feel for how the programs are performing on the field.

Stepp was planning to stop by and see Cincinnati on Sunday before heading home. He had a visit planned for the Iowa campus but said, "Iowa was under water," so that visit was cancelled for now due to the devastating flooding in that area. He also plans to visit Notre Dame and can be found in Minnesota on the 21st.

There was one other school Jordan would really move toward the top of the list if they were to get involved in his recruitment.

"Ohio State would be nice," said Stepp. "Half of my wardrobe is Ohio State. I was a Buckeye fan growing up, but they've not said one word to me, so that hurts," Jordan said with a laugh.

Jordan had made it clear that he preferred to play defense but he also expressed how well he thought he could fit in as a center with what Tech was planning for their offense. Tech is the only school even talking to Jordan about playing on the offensive side of the ball.

"I played offensive line my freshman and sophomore years but it takes a little different mentality – I'm a crazy guy – I get really hyped so I think defense fits me more but I can bring the same nastiness to the triple option offense they're bringing in and I think that's why they like me," said Stepp. "I ran a 4.6 at the Scout combine – I can just imagine a center running a 4.6 in the triple option offense really doing some damage. I can see where they're coming from. I'd rather play center for Georgia Tech."

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