Tashard Talks Camp, Tech & Cowboys

The "Tashard Choice and NFL Friends Skill and Performance Camp" will take place on July 12th at Twelve Oaks Football Stadium (Lovejoy HS, Hampton, GA). GoJackets.com has all of the camp information for anyone you know who may be interested in attending. Also, our staff has interviewed Tashard asking him about things ranging from his camp, to Georgia Tech and his newest team The Dallas Cowboys.


How many kids to you expect to attend the camp?

"I expect for about 100 to 150 kids to show up at the camp."

Is the July 12th camp the only day the camp will be offered this summer or will there be other dates?

"July the 12th will be the only day of the camp - no other dates."

Who else of note will be there helping instruct at the camp?

"I will attend the camp also some teammates from the Cowboys - Alonzo Coleman and Eric Walden. I will have teammates from Georgia Tech attend such as Michael Johnson, Jonathan Dwyer, and Morgan Burnett. More pro players are sure to show up. Also the coaches from my high school will be helping at the camp."

What type of advice would you give a kid who wants to learn how to be a better running back or better overall player in general?

"The type of advice I will give the kids will be things that they can take with them to become a better player and help their skills to become a smarter player. I understand how to play running back but I learn different things each day and the more you work on your talents the better player you will become."

Georgia Tech

How close are you to getting your degree (or do you already have it)?

"I already have my degree from Tech."

How did the decision to transfer to GT affect you and your career & family life?

"The move to Tech has made a big difference for my family because they were able to come see me play and I was able to do things in the community and help out places where I came from."

What's your impression of the new coaching staff at GT?

"From what I've seen about the new staff, they have the players working hard but the season always depends on how well a staff is but I know they will do their best."

Do you think GT can compete annually with the football powers that be in the ACC and here in the Southeast?

"Tech always has a chance to compete with other teams, they've just got to make plays in crucial times in the game."

How much will you help in recruiting in the future?

"I don't know how much I will help in recruiting in the future besides that I enjoyed Tech and it's a great college to attend."


How does mini-camp compare with two-a-days in college?

"Mini camp and two a days are totally different because in mini-camp you don't have pads on but practice is still hard."

Have you kept in touch with any other teammates that are going through the rookie camps? Are they having similar experiences?

"I keep in contact with some players, but everybody is very busy. Everybody's experience is different, but we all have to work hard."

What is your impression of the Dallas Cowboys organization so far?

"The Cowboys organization is very professional and dedicated to winning and working hard."

What have they told you that your role will be this season?

"I don't know my role yet this season, but I will be on special teams and when I get a chance to run the ball, I will be ready to roll."

In the past, I've heard you compared to a poor man's Emmitt Smith. It's ironic now that you're in the same organization he became famous in. In fact you guys even use the same jersey number. Would you say it's fair to compare your style with Emmitt?

"Our styles are similar, but I can't say I'm anything like Emmitt until I play in the league some years and produce like he did his whole career. Our styles are the same on how we use our blockers, run downhill and make cuts at the line of scrimmage and burst through the hole. We are different, but if I can become like Emmitt then I will be ok."

What will be your jersey number?

"I'm wearing number 29 for the Cowboys and I do want to wear 22 but nobody will wear that number if you play for the Cowboys. I don't even want to wear it playing for Dallas."

Camp Details

Tashard Choice and NFL Friends Skill and Performance Camp
July 12th at Twelve Oaks Football Stadium
(Lovejoy HS, Hampton, GA)
Registration Begins at 8 am
$75/Per Child; Ages 8-16; Family Discount
1st Session: 10 am - 12:30 pm;
2nd Session: 2 am - 4:30 pm

Camp will focus on football skills and fundamentals for both offensive and defensive players.
-Speed and Explosion
- Endurance
- Leadership
- Overall knowledge of the game

Contact Info:
Phone: (832)785-1156
E-mail: chrishone_harris@yahoo.com

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