Proctor Turning Heads as QB

Everett Proctor was being recruited by schools in a generic manner under the category of "athlete". Teams recognized his physical abilities initially but now with a few head turning camp performances, schools are starting to take the Fayetteville, NC quarterback seriously at his preferred position.

Before getting into details on the latest in recruiting, Everett Proctor told me about a close call he was involved with last week. "I haven't been able to do too much in the past couple of days; I was in a bad car accident," said Proctor. With a friend at the wheel, the car he was in lost control and Everett's head shattered the car's windshield. Everyone is okay though and Everett was expected to rejoin his teammates at practice on Monday.

Besides that event, things have been going great for Everett. He performed well at the Georgia Tech camp a few weeks back and he visited North Carolina State camp last weekend.

About the NC State camp Proctor said, "It was all right. I came up on the last day of the camp, so it was more of a one-on-one with me and the coaches." He wasn't able to make it up for Friday or Saturday and by Sunday he said he was the only quarterback doing drills. He also was worked out as a defensive back.

Everett also camped at GT on June 14th and apparently made a good impression on the coaching staff. "I think I did pretty good actually," said Proctor. "I ended up receiving a football scholarship so I must have impressed somebody. Overall I felt that I threw the ball good."

The Tech offer was the third offer for Everett from ACC schools to go along with Maryland and NC State. "NC State had offered me awhile back actually," said Proctor. "They were actually my very first offer."

As for any other offers, Everett has his hopes up for one more from the ACC. "Hopefully on July 12th I go to Virginia Tech and show off there and hopefully receive an offer," said Proctor.

Both Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech like Proctor as a quarterback and others are coming around to the same assessment as well. "Some of the schools that have offered me are starting to turn the offer over from athlete to quarterback, so that's a good thing," said Proctor.

If not a quarterback, Everett was asked what else he might play. "Any place they put me at to tell you the truth," said Proctor. "I'd play safety. I'd play receiver. I'd even play linebacker if I could."

Though he knows how to say the right things, Everett did make his true preference clear, "Actually I prefer to play quarterback," said Proctor. Aside from any position concerns, his family has other key factors in mind. "My mom's really big on the education and all that, and the location and how close it is to home."

Everett mentioned that NC State was only 1.5 hours from his home. With proximity to home being one of the factors mentioned, I asked if that gave the Wolfpack an advantage. "Actually, to tell you the truth, my parents like Georgia Tech," said Proctor.

What do they like about GT?

"My Dad likes it because I liked it," said Proctor. "He's been to Atlanta a lot and he enjoyed the area. He's always been like… I wouldn't say like a best friend, but he's always giving me great advice on what to do and how I should make my direction toward my choice. All the advice he's been giving me has been toward Georgia Tech so I kind of figure he likes it now."

Does that put GT at the top of the list?

"To tell you the truth, yes, it actually is," said Proctor. "Right now Georgia Tech is on the top of the list. Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech are neck-and-neck right now."

Calling the two schools 1a and 1b, should VT offer, he'll be considering how much he feels each school really wants him as a quarterback in order to break the tie. "See, I want to play quarterback, so I don't want a school to recruit me as a quarterback and when I get there they change my position," said Proctor. "I really want to believe they want me to play quarterback."

After the camp visit to VT, Everett will be done taking visits for the summer. He does however expect to take official visits in fall opting not to make a commitment before the season starts.

Everett's team, Jack Britt High, was 10-3 last year and tied for the conference championship, losing in the 2nd round of the state tournament. He says that most of the starters last season were sophomores and all return for what he thinks will be a State Championship run.

As you can see from his photos, Everett is now sporting a stylish mohawk. "I've actually had that since the prom – May 3rd," said Proctor. "I got it as a Regional track meet thing – because it was on the same day as our prom. And I ended up carrying it through prom, then carrying it through spring practice and it just stuck with me. Everybody's been liking it and it's been good luck."

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