Noel Johnson Visits Georgia Tech

Recently, Noel Johnson and his father were able to visit the Georgia Tech campus and meet with Coach Paul Hewitt. spoke with Noel's father to see how the visit went and get the latest on Noel's recruitment.

Recently, Noel Johnson and his father were able to visit the Georgia Tech campus and meet with Coach Paul Hewitt. "It was our first time visiting, but not the first time we have been on campus. We have been on campus numerous times. " With them already having a familiarity with the campus, was there anything that stood out? "It was great because we like Paul Hewitt as a coach anyway, but the school, the organizers, the way that they run things is a plus. They stress a lot of academic work, which is what we are looking for."

It is a well known fact that coach Hewitt loves big guards. Both Noel and his father knew that. "He is good with big guards; you know that is one of his fortes. He's got a good program for developing guards. That is one of Noel's strengths at 6'7. He would probably be the tallest guard he's had."

It's certainly a good problem to have, but there are a number of big time prospects being mentioned with regard to Georgia Tech's 2009 backcourt. Many of them seem to fit the description of a combo guard. Where does Mr. Johnson think that the Yellow Jackets might use Noel? "Probably as a one or a two".

Not much has changed with regard to his decision timeframe. He mentioned some time ago that Noel would most likely make a decision prior to the start of his senior season. "He will have his final five down, who he is really considering and GT is one of them."

Being from the Atlanta area, Noel has been a member of the talented Atlanta Celtics for awhile now. During that time, he has played with another highly talented 2009 recruit that Yellow Jacket fans may be somewhat familiar with in Derrick Favors. "He has played for them for a number of years...since he was like 12 years old". "They have been playing together since they were in like 8th grade".

Having played together for so long now and being such good friends, it would only be logical to think that they might want to play together in the future. When asked if they have talked about playing together on the next level Mr. Johnson replied, "Definitely". So what are the percentage odds that these two might play together on the next level? "There is always a great percentage that those two could play together on the college ranks."

Is it possible that we could see these two playing together next year in a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket uniform? We have agreed to speak again in a couple of months to see if anything has become clearer. Stay tuned to this summer for the latest on Noel Johnson's recruitment. Top Stories