Will Jackson Announces for GT

Will Jackson committed today to Coach Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech. Will is now the 2nd OL in this class, along with Jay Finch, to help power up Coach Johnson's triple option offense. The class for GT on the offensive side of the ball has started to come together since late May when 4-star QB Jordan Luallen made his pledge followed by Finch, FB Daniel Drummond, WR Jeremy Moore and now Jackson.

Will Jackson broke the news of his commitment today while at Georgia Tech with Offensive Line Coach Mike Sewak. "I had a meeting with Coach Sewak and told him I wanted to be a Yellow Jacket, so he was really fired up about that," said Jackson.

Coach Johnson and Will met for about 10-15 minutes on Friday but Jackson hasn't had the chance to speak with him yet today about his announcement since Johnson is at an ACC function today. Will says he's spoken to him already 3-4 times in the past though and that he likes the head coach a lot. "I did get to talk with Coach (Giff) Smith and they're all excited about it," said Jackson.

Jackson chose Tech over Wake Forest and Ole Miss. He also strongly considered Stanford and West Virginia. He had offers from all of the schools mentioned in addition to Middle Tennessee, Vanderbilt, North Carolina State, Marshall, Louisville and Kentucky.

In the end Will felt most comfortable around the people at GT. "It was probably the place that I had the best relationships," said Jackson. "They were on me constantly. I mean, ever since they offered they've been telling me that they wanted me and needed me to come down there and play. I think it was the best situation for me academically and athletically. And being down there with weekend and spending time with some of the guys just really reinforced that. They are guys I can hang out with and have a good time and spend the next 4 or 5 years of my life with. Everything clicked while I was down there.

Tech hasn't traditionally had a great foothold in the state of Tennessee in recruiting. Tech coaches were really turned on to Will when he mailed a tape to the coaches. Will was called within a week by Coach Sewak and told they were ready to offer. "Tech has always been a school I had been interested in because of the academic reputation," said Jackson.

QB Jordan Luallen has spent a lot of time in helping to recruit Jackson to GT and now Will intends to become a recruiter himself. "That's exactly what I'm going to try to do," said Jackson. "I'm going to try to get this to become a really good class and I can definitely help and get some guys to help us win an ACC Championship."

Jackson is already well aware of the GT/UGA rivalry. In fact, he was born in enemy territory from Tech fan's perspective. "I was actually born in Athens and lived there for like the first year of my live but I don't consider myself a native," said Jackson. "I can always remember watching that game and it seems like every year Tech's been right there and it seems like for whatever reason Georgia makes a play late in the game to win it but I know it's just a huge rivalry and I can't wait to get into a game like that.

As for the unofficial visit this weekend, Jackson arrived at Tech on Friday and met with an academic representative whom he spoke with about a pre-med major. "We talked about what it took to get into med school," said Jackson. "It's always been a dream of mine to become a doctor." He said he came away really impressed with the woman he spoke with at Tech about this kind of a career path.

Later on he, Luallen and some of the other Tech guys ended up at the popular Atlantic Station to hang out there and attempt to get into the new Batman movie. Somehow they managed to get into the summer's hottest movie. With that movie being such a hot topic this weekend I asked if Will could give a quick review and he obliged.

"It was great," said Jackson about ‘The Dark Knight.' "It was a long movie – about three hours, but Heath Ledger did a great job playing the Joker. It was a really dark movie. It was great."

After the movies it was on to video games where they played the latest NCAA football game. Along the way Will spent some time with Jaybo Shaw, B.J. Machen, Cooper Taylor and Omoregie Uzzi. "They were all really cool guys," said Jackson. "I got along well with all of them."

Today, of course, he met with Coach Sewak and also was introduced to the Strength and Conditioning coaches. Will has really spent a good amount of time with both offensive line coaches – Sewak and Todd Spencer. Will talked about how different the two are personality wise.

"They're both really good guys," said Jackson. "I love both of them. Coach Spencer is one of the most energetic and outgoing people I've been around. He's a really wild guy. And Coach Sewak is great – he's hilarious. He's really laid back and he knows his stuff about offensive line play."

Will will most likely be a guard in Tech's offense though he was told by the coaches that they like to try most guys out as a center first because it's such an important position in the offense.

Jackson wasn't really sure exactly how the triple offense would work when he first heard about it. He thought it was about three yards and a cloud of dust with the offense trying to cram the ball down the defense's throat with a bunch of fullback dives and such. "But coming down and really looking at it, it's really impressive," said Jackson. "The triple option and some of the tweaks they can throw in it with reverses and kind of a run-and-shoot passing game – it's a really intricate and impressive offense."

Will says not to expect any wavering from his decision. "I'm totally done with the recruiting process," said Jackson.

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