Courtney Dalcourt Talks GT Visit

Courtney Dalcourt made a trip from his hometown of Franklin, Kentucky to take in a visit to Georgia Tech this weekend. Courtney is a big time athlete who plays QB for Franklin Simpson High School. He made the four hour trip to watch the Yellow Jackets play and take in the game day experience in Atlanta.

Courtney Dalcourt Profile

Courtney, I understand you made an unofficial trip to Georgia Tech this weekend?

"Yes sir, we drove down to Atlanta to take in the game at Georgia Tech and to get a chance to see what the game day experience is at Tech. We had a great time there and really, really enjoyed our time there."

How was the game day experience?

"It was awesome as the whole experience was something I really enjoyed. We took in everything from the players walk, meeting fans, meeting other recruits, and getting a chance to talk to the coaches both before and after the game. It is something I really liked. Plus the game was very good. I know the top two quarterbacks being out really hurt their offense but the team came away with a win and that is the important thing. The defense was awesome too."

What was your favorite thing about the game day experience?

"Most definitely the player walk was my favorite part. The fans really treat the Tech players great and pump them up and made the recruits feel good too."

How many recruits were there with you?

"I don't know the exact amount but there were a lot of recruits there and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as I did."

You mentioned that the offense struggled with the top two QB's being out, could you see yourself as a QB in Paul Johnson's offense?

"Yes sir I very well could. It's an offense that a quarterback would love to play in. I definitely can picture and see myself running this offense."

You had a chance to talk to the coaches, what did they have to say to you?

"They told me that would really love for me to commit to Georgia Tech and that I would be a valuable part of the team at the quarterback position. I enjoyed talking to them all as they are very good coaches and make you feel like you are wanted."

What teams are you looking at right now?

Right now I am looking at Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Louisville, Central Michigan and a late team that has been recruiting me, Cincinnati."

Do you have a leader or top team at this point?

"No sir, but right now I'd have to say that Georgia Tech is way up there, definitely high on my list right now.'

Do you have a time to announce your commitment?

"Well, I'd like to take some visits (unofficial and official) and take in a few games before I make my decision. I'll probably know before my high school season is over, maybe a little earlier than that."

Have you set up any official visits right now?

"I have one set up at this point and that is to Georgia Tech in December but I do know I will have made my decision by then."

You said it was a four hour trip to Atlanta, is location of the school important to you?

"You can say that. It would be great for my parents to be able to drive and see me play. Plus with family in Atlanta (Uncles, Aunts, and cousins), somewhere close would be great for them too."

How is your high school team doing so far?

"Right now we are 3-3 overall and 2-1 in district play. We will work real hard to make the playoffs and then we'll make realiy strong run for the title. We have the talent to make a strong run."

Dale's Take: Courtney was an extreme pleasure to interview. He is very articulate and knows exactly what his recruiting plans are and what he will be doing to make his decision. He has narrowed his favorites down to a few teams and Georgia Tech is high on his list after this weekend. Top Stories