McCoy Visits Yellow Jackets

Denzel McCoy, a class of 2010 defensive tackle prospect likely to receive high ratings, has made many visits this fall and is planning on several more. He's been to Georgia, Clemson twice, and to every home game Georgia Tech has played this season.

Denzel McCoy boasts a list of 16 offers already. This includes Maryland, Florida State, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Duke, UNC, NC State, Alabama, LSU, West Virginia, Memphis, Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, Penn State, Oregon, and South Carolina. He is receiving a lot of mail and is calling all coaches who are recruiting him on a regular basis to stay in touch.

McCoy plans on taking more visits this fall. He will be at either the Georgia Tech or Alabama game this coming weekend, at UNC for their game with Georgia Tech on November 8th, at Florida on November 15th, and then to Vanderbilt on November 22nd. He will also be checking out LSU and Florida State this fall for either a game or a bowl practice. Denzel talked of the visits he's already made:

Georgia - "I got to tour around. I was there for the Alabama game. It wasn't the first Georgia game I'd been to. I met with all the coaches and went and saw the Dawg Walk. It was a pretty good time. I knew some of the guys visiting there. I don't really call them. I know Coach Garner pretty well and we've talked when I've been there. They haven't really talked about an offer yet."

Clemson - "I was at Clemson for the NC State game and then the Georgia Tech game. When I arrived for the Georgia Tech game, they sat me down and told me that although their head coach was gone, their head was still on straight. They played hard, although they lost, they were still tough after the transition. Tech made really big plays in the game. I was able to tour around while I was there and got to go in the locker room after the game. They haven't offered yet, but they've talked about it."

Georgia Tech - "I guess I have been to every home game. This weekend's visit was great. I have a friend, Jay Finch, who is committed to Tech. We've talked about how a degree from Tech is excellent. If I went there, he'd be someone I knew. Kyle Woestmann from Walton was there, too. I know him. He is a junior also. We were talking about how great Tech is and how it is so close to home. I talk to the coaches a lot when I go there. Coach (Buzz) Preston, I like him a lot. Talking to him is like talking to a family member. Coach (Giff) Smith is great, too. Really the whole coaching staff is. I talk to Coach Smith about life and everything. He writes me about once per week."

Denzel also took the time and talked about how important location and academics are in his recruitment.

Location - "Location is very important. A lot of my family is across the southeast. My mom is in Atlanta, my dad is in Atlanta. My dad's brother and sister are also in Atlanta. I also have family in North Carolina and Florida, too. It really plays a big role in my recruiting."

Academics - "It's very big. Life after football is very important. Getting a good degree is very important. Something impressive about Georgia Tech while I was there was I saw that one in every six Tech graduates are millionaires. That is very impressive."

Denzel says he will wait out the recruiting process a while and that he is not trying to rush anything. He did say something about a decision. "Probably around spring time I could make a commitment, as long as it stays at a steady pace," he said.

McCoy's Northview High School team is struggling this season but playing hard under new sytem and coach. Last Friday in a loss to Chattahoochee, he had five tackles, a sack, and two tackles for loss. Top Stories