Sims Enjoys GT Visit

David Sims, the athletic quarterback from Saint Matthews, South Carolina (Calhoun County High School), spoke with about his recent visit to Georgia Tech and how that has affected his commitment to Kentucky. Before this visit, David had Kentucky as a solid commitment. Did his visit to Atlanta change that commitment?

David Sims Profile

Did you take your scheduled trip to Georgia Tech last weekend for their Homecoming game against Virginia?

"Yes sir I did. We left on Friday and came back Sunday morning. The trip was very, very good. I really enjoyed my time down there even though Georgia Tech lost the game. It was a lot better than I expected it to be."

What made the trip special?

"I got a chance to talk to Coach Johnson before the game and I got a chance to see the locker rooms and all the facilities. I spoke with Coach Johnson briefly before the team was going out for warm-ups. Then while the team was warming up, Coach Johnson called me out onto the field and talked about how they do warm-ups and compared it to how we do them at my high school. We run the spread option but out of the shotgun so I am very comfortable with the offense Coach Johnson runs at Georgia Tech. They feel I would make a valuable addition to the team as quarterback in his system. One other thing though, the fact that Coach Johnson called me out onto the field to personally talk to me at midfield, that was something I'll never forget. That right there showed me how much he really wants me to become a commit for Georgia Tech. He made me feel really special. Coach BJ (Brian Jean-Mary) told me that I would be the second David Sims to play at Georgia Tech if I came. He said the first David Sims was an excellent running back in the 70's under Coach Pepper Rogers and that he was one of the best running backs in Tech history and that he went on to play in the NFL. That was nice to know too."

Were there any other highlights from your trip?

"Oh yes sir, there were a couple other things. The Yellow Jacket Alley is off the charts. The fans really pump up the players and make the recruits feel like they are already a part of the team. That is awesome. One other thing was that there were some guys that made a sign just for me and someone showed it to me. The fact they knew who I am and went out of their way to make me feel welcomed and special was another thing I will remember from the trip. Georgia Tech fans are awesome."

Are you still solid with your commitment to Kentucky?

"Man, I'm very confused right now. The trip to Atlanta was great, way better than I thought it would with them still losing. I like to think I am still solid to Kentucky but right now I'd have to say Kentucky is 1A and Georgia Tech is 1B. I'll know more when I take my official visits."

Are there any other schools in the picture?

"No sir, it's between Georgia Tech and Kentucky right now. I was considering South Carolina but they picked up a verbal from a running back, so I have dropped them from my list of schools."

Have you set up your official visits to Georgia Tech and Kentucky?

"No sir, I haven't. Not yet, not at this time. We are 9-0 right now and we are already assured a spot in the playoffs and we are looking at making a strong run for the state title so that will take us well into November. Also, I will be playing in the all-star game in December so I will have practice up until the game. So it looks like it will be a little ways off before I make my official visits. I might be going to the Kentucky game with Mississippi State but I'm not real sure I will be going at this time though."

So, the Georgia Tech official will be your last one and you will make your decision after that visit?

"Yes sir, I will. I'll sit down and talk with my Mom and put everything on the table and see what is best for me. My Mom says no matter what I decide, she will support me and come watch me play. To be honest at this point I think it will be a gut feeling and how at home I feel with the players and coaches of the school I choose. Like I said earlier, I am really confused at this point but I will work it out and go with the best team that I feel is right for me."

What position are you being recruited to play by each school?

"Georgia Tech wants me as a quarterback and Kentucky wants me as a running back. I have no preference as long as it is on offense. So that's not going to be a problem since both want me on the offensive side of the ball."

Dale's Take:

David is one recruit that anyone would love to talk to about his recruitment. He has all the confidence in the world in his team but when you talk about him, he is humble and says without his team it wouldn't all be possible. He is most definitely a team player and you can tell from the fact that he doesn't mind if he is playing quarterback or running back at either school he has narrowed his choices down to, Georgia Tech and Kentucky. This will be an interesting battle to see who gets a very talented player and an excellent person on top of being that great athlete. Top Stories