Woestmann Has First Offer

Walton High School junior Kyle Woestmann has one offer already and many other teams are taking a close look at him. Kyle places an importance not only on football programs but on the schools' academics as well.

Walton High School junior Kyle Woestmann has an offer from Vanderbilt and has many other suitors. Here is a Q&A with the versatile lineman:

Who is recruiting you right now?

"I already have an offer from Vanderbilt. I'm a pretty big academic person so I'm happy with that. UGA, Auburn, Alabama, Louisville, Georgia Tech, Duke, Clemson, Indiana, and a lot of other schools are sending me a lot of stuff."

Who is giving you the most attention?

"I get hand-written letters from Vanderbilt all the time, they're trying to get me to commit. I'm also getting letters like this from Duke, Alabama, Georgia, and Georgia Tech."

Where have you visited this fall?

"I've traveled to Vanderbilt a good amount. I've also been to Georgia and Georgia Tech. It's been just those three this fall. I hope to attend a lot of upcoming junior days. It feels like I just don't have enough time to get to a lot of places."

You seem to really like Vanderbilt, tell me more about them.

"They started sending me a lot of stuff when I was sophomore. They invited me to a senior only camp when I was a sophomore and I did really well up there. They've just really liked me."

Do you feel like any of the other schools recruiting you are close to offering?

"I feel like Georgia Tech is pretty close. They are recruiting me for offense. They run the triple option and their offensive linemen have to be quicker. I'm pretty quick."

If you were to get an offer from Georgia or Georgia Tech, how would that affect your recruiting?

"It'd be big for me. It would make my decision harder. I'm hoping to go out of state because I grew up here. That'd be big for me though. It'd make me think hard. Coach [Paul] Johnson and Coach Richt are great. Coach Johnson up at Vanderbilt is doing a great job too, they're great."

So you are being recruited for both sides of the line, which do you prefer?

"My coaches asked me to fill in both ways this year and I've done well. They feel I could play for a better school on offense. Preferably, I'd like to play defense. There's nothing better than hitting people. I love the extra freedom you have on defense to hit hard. I'm a physical player."

Do you have a timetable on making a decision?

"I'm hoping to get a lot of offers around this spring. I want to make a commitment at the start of my senior season so I can have a great season and just focus on that. I want to enjoy my last year of high school."

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