GoJackets.com Predicts Commits 17 & 18

The GoJackets.com staff begins their annual guessing game on how the recruiting season will play out for the Yellow Jackets. With 16 recruits already committed to Georgia Tech for the 2009 class, our staff will try and piece together the remaining commits. In this first edition we will give you the 3 most likely commits from the remaining possibilities.

Georgia Tech has 16 commits right now and is able to take as many as 25 commits in this class. The coaching staff seems open to filling 23-25 spots this year so the GoJackets.com staff will try and predict the next 7-9 commits for our readers.

We have changed up the way this article will work this year. Instead of each staff member guessing all 7-9 players, we'll mix in a prediction of the most likely to happen. The staff was asked to start with the player they think is the most likely to become a member of this recruiting class.

GoJackets.com's #1 remaining choice: Izaan Cross

For this year's first pick it was a landslide. Flowery Branch's Izaan Cross is the consensus pick for most likely future Yellow Jacket out of all remaining recruits in the '09 class. Below are staff comments on why this was the choice.

Jared Kimmel:
Izaan Cross - In my opinion from talking to him and his teammate Daniel Drummond, cross is all but fully committed to the Yellow Jackets. The big defensive end prospect should continue the Flowery Branch pipeline.

Dale McDuffie:
Izaan Cross – I believe we get him because of two things, the Flowery Branch duo of Jaybo Shaw and Daniel Drummond. Plus Connor will verbal to GT next year. The coaching change at Clemson has pushed them back. I truly believe that Izaan is waiting on the Clemson coach just to be sure, nothing else.

Rod MacKenzie:
IZAAN CROSS - Izaan is a defensive end that has been flirting with Tech for some time now. He mentions Georgia Tech and Clemson as his leaders but most feel it would be a major upset if he goes anywhere else but Tech.

Jonathan Leifheit:
The most likely remaining recruit is Izaan Cross. He's been there all along liking our team and program. We've been leading all along. His former teammate Jaybo is at GT. Jaybo's dad is Izaan's coach. Connor Shaw looks like a strong GT lean at this point. The vibe just says GT all the way. I think its just a matter of time before he commits.

Kamden Robb:
Izaan Cross - It almost seems like a foregone conclusion that Izaan will commit to GT...if he doesn't, I will be very surprised. GT has too much going in its favor right now

Ryan Bass:
Izaan Cross was an easy first pick for me. Sometimes I forget he's not already committed to Georgia Tech. He's been around the program a good bit; his family including his "little" brother has been around as well. It also doesn't hurt that we seem to have built a pipeline to his HS with Jaybo Shaw and Daniel Drummond already here or on the way. Plus Jaybo's younger brother Connor seems likely to become a Yellow Jacket in next year's class. In his last interview with Jared, Izaan called Tech his leader and although there are some other top notch programs on his list, I think the positives shake out well for GT. Cross mentioned these positives to Jared, "The education is great, I have a great relationship with (defensive line) Coach Smith and (A-backs/ST's) Coach Monken. I know some people there, then I have some friends going there. My friend Daniel (Drummond) is heading to Tech. It's also not too far from home." He may not be the next guy to commit but I'll be floored if he doesn't end up here. He could take a while to announce, like Uzzi last year but I think Cross will be in white and gold next season.

GoJackets.com's #2 remaining choice: David Sims

For the staff, this pick was mostly a battle of quarterback recruits. We all seem to feel strongly that at least one QB will be extremely likely to end up at Tech – and probably even like the chances of multiple QB to still commit for the 2009 class. The question was which one was most likely to become a Jacket.

Rod MacKenzie:
DAVID SIMS - David is an athlete that can play in multiple positions at the next level. He's committed to Kentucky but after visiting Tech he's narrowed his choice down to those two schools. Kentucky is recruiting him as a running back and Tech as a QB. I think David likes the idea of playing QB because he'll be able to do both. Look for him to change his commit to Georgia Tech.

Ryan Bass:
I was torn between the three QBs (Sims, Aycock & Dalcourt). I feel like it's a bit of a gutsy pick to go with the one of the three who is committed elsewhere but I think he could be the most likely. I think GT is recruiting him for the position he prefers and his home is closer Georgia than Kentucky. He has been to Tech several times already and will be here again on Thursday night when we play Miami. These visits continue while Kentucky knows about his interest level in Tech and has no doubt given it their best shot to keep him aboard their ship. Still he keeps coming back. I don't think he'll be the only remaining QB on the list to commit to GT but I think he's the most likely.

Kamden Robb chose Courtney Dalcourt but says:
David Sims is a great fit for Paul Johnson's offense, whether it's as a QB or a RB. David is supposed to visit for the Miami game. Who knows? He could switch his recruitment right then and there! We'll have to wait and see, but I like our chances with him (although I think Dalcourt pulls the trigger first). A bonus to bringing in a versatile athlete like Sims is that he is also an excellent defensive back. If it doesn't work out for him at QB (though he will be given a legit shot), he could see the field at safety, where Scout ranks him #29 in the nation.

Dale McDuffie chose Dontae Aycock but says:
David Sims – I believe distance will win out on this recruit. David likes the offense we run and he isn't averse to playing running back or safety as long as he gets a legit shot at the starting QB position. He has bonded really well his recruiting coach and both Giff and Coach Johnson. He feels he can make a difference at GT and the fact he cancelled his trip to Kentucky a week ago says a lot.

Jonathan Leifheit chose Dontae Aycock also but says:
Sims is down to GT and UK. The last interviews had both programs pretty close. When I made my prognostications, I had anticipated getting 2 of Sims, Dalcourt, and Aycock and had kind of figured that Dalcourt might beat Sims in making that commitment after Aycock. The only way we take all 3, in my opinion, is if we take 25 and even then I'm not sure.

Jared Kimmel chose Julian Burnett but says:
David Sims - The original Kentucky commit has visited Tech and loved it. I feel he's already changed his mind and should commit sometime after he comes to visit Tech again.

Next up - we will attempt to guess numbers 19 & 20.

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