David Sims Talks About Switch to Tech

David Sims who was committed to Kentucky prior to this weekend talks about his commitment switch to Georgia Tech. He was in town for the Georgia Tech – Miami game on Thursday night and that unofficial visit sealed the deal for the decision he was about to make.

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David, how was the game Thursday night?

"The game was great. I thoroughly enjoyed myself throughout the whole game despite the cold weather. The defense played great and set the tone early and then the offense totally dominated the game and put it away with not only their running game but passing too. I know I am going to love playing for Coach Johnson in this offense."

You have changed your commitment from Kentucky to Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir I have indeed done that. This was a long time coming. I committed to Kentucky but I felt that Georgia Tech was the place for me even while I was a commit to Kentucky. I just had to be sure and Thursday did it for me."

What was the changing point for you?

"I knew Kentucky was a good team but Coach Johnson has Georgia Tech already of the verge of taking that next step to being great in just one season. I don't think Kentucky can reach that level. I'm not knocking Kentucky, it's just that Georgia Tech has all the pieces falling in the right places at the right time and they are working hard to improve not only from season-to-season but from game-to-game. That shows how much Coach Johnson and the Tech players want to win. I wanted to be a part of that and I was planning on waiting but I know I'd better take my offer now and not wait."

Did you tell Coach Johnson Thursday night about your decision?

"No sir, I thought and prayed about it all night Thursday after the game. I talked with my parents and told them that I felt Tech was the right place for me. Another positive was that Tech is only 3 hours away round trip and Kentucky is 12 hours round trip. I like being able to go home if I need to in a short time. It just all added up to being Georgia Tech. I told Coach Johnson Friday and he was very happy with my decision."

What did he have to say?

"He told me that I was one that all the coaches wanted and that made me feel real good. In fact every time I've been at Georgia Tech every coach has come to me and expressed how much they wanted me there and how much they liked how hard I played and how great of a fit I would be in the offense. I can't tell you how much that made feel real special. Just like when Coach Johnson called me out to midfield to talk to me personally the last time I was there. I know I am wanted at Georgia Tech and will be part of something great. And another thing is that Coach Johnson tells all recruits that with hard work and dedication you can play right away as he will put the best player on the field, the player he thinks will give the team a win. I like that a lot as he puts the team first and that rubs off on the players and they put the team first too."

Are you a solid commitment to Georgia Tech now?

"Oh yes sir I am. I am 100% solid to Georgia Tech. There will be no changing of my mind from Tech. I called the Kentucky coaches to tell them I was changing my mind before I went public with the change. They tried to talk me into not changing my mind and I wouldn't budge. They asked if I would make a visit to Kentucky before signing day to be sure and I told them that I am sure of going to Georgia Tech that Georgia Tech would be the only school that will get an official visit. I want to take the full tour as I haven't seen the whole campus at one time, just bit and pieces each time I came down. The visit will be icing on the cake."

While you were there Thursday did you get a chance to talk or bond with any other recruits?

"Yes sir I did indeed. I sat with Roderick Sweeting and Stephen Hill. In fact Stephen Hill's coach and my parents talked a lot at the game. We all had a good time there. Also, Jordan Luallen sent me a text Friday evening and said welcome to the Tech family that he was looking forward to playing at Georgia Tech with me. That was cool. It's true what they say; the Tech players are like family."

Are you still on for the North/South All-Star game on December 13th?

"Yes sir I am. I'll also have basketball after that but I plan on getting in my visit to Georgia Tech well before signing day."

Is there a chance you might enroll early?

"I have all the credits to do so except for Spanish, so it doesn't look like I will be able to do that but it was something I wanted to do. I'll be ready to go come summer, you can count on that."

Dale's Take: I wish all Georgia Tech fans could have talked with David as he was very pumped about his decision and is very anxious to get to Georgia Tech. He said he felt Georgia Tech was the right place all along but he needed to be sure and he is very sure now. He says there will be no changing of his mind. I can tell David will be an extremely valuable addition to Georgia Tech as not only will he help Georgia Tech win with his play but he will make others around him work harder and play better.

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