Myles Talks Tech Visit

Darren Myles, a four star safety from Atlanta Carver, was at Bobby Dodd Stadium Thursday night for Georgia Tech's game with Miami. Darren spoke about the impressive Georgia Tech win and what schools he's considering.

Darren Myles - Profile

How did you like the game Thursday night?

"I thought it was a great game. I love the atmosphere of the game. It was a great experience and I liked the game very much. The defense came out and dominated Miami and then the offense destroyed them. All in all I had a very good time."

Did that game change anything in your recruiting?

"No sir to be honest I want to take all five of my official visits and see everything a school has to offer. I like to see how it is when a game isn't going on, if I fit in there and how much I like it."

Have you set up any official visits to date?

"I've been talking with my Dad and I think we have two set up, not real sure just yet. I know I will be taking five. We want to be sure the five I visit are the ones I am seriously considering."

What schools are you considering right now?

"Georgia Tech, Alabama, Florida, LSU, West Virginia, Ohio State, Auburn, and Purdue are the ones I am looking at the most right now. Which of those will be the five I take my officials too I'm not sure yet. My Dad and I have to sit down and look at everything and see what is best and for me to see which of them feels right too."

While you were at Georgia Tech Thursday, did you get a chance to talk to Coach Johnson at all?

"Yes sir I did. We had a very good talk. He told me how much he and all of Georgia Tech wanted me there. We had a very good conversation. He's a very good coach and one that is easy to talk to. You know where you stand with him and that is a plus.

So when do you think you will take your official visits?

"I have a couple of all-star games that want me to play. I will take them after the all-star games. It looks like it will be a decision for me after the first of the year."

How did your season go in your last year at Carver?

"We had a very good season despite losing in the first round of the playoffs. We wanted a state title but we did make the playoffs and that was a good way to end my high school career."

How did you do individually?

"I felt I had a real good season. Opposing coaches told me that that really respected my play and that they tried not to go my way on defense. That was nice to know that I had that much respect as a defensive player."

I know you played both ways. What positions did you play?

"I played safety mostly but I moved over to corner a lot too if a team had a real good wide receiver. On offense, I played wide receiver."

Dale's Take:
Darren had a great time at the Georgia Tech and Miami game. In recruiting, he will make all of his visits as he wants to see what a school has to offer besides just football. He wants to take the complete tour of the school so he has the whole package to look at and make an informed decision. Darren Myles fans will have to wait until the first of the year before we can get a clear cut idea of who his leaders are for his services. Top Stories