GoJackets.com Predicts Commits 19 & 20

The GoJackets.com staff annual guessing game on how the recruiting season will play out for the Yellow Jackets continues with our second installment. With 17 recruits already committed to Georgia Tech for the 2009 class, our staff will try and piece together the remaining commits. In this second edition we will give you commit #19 and #20 from the remaining possibilities.

Before our first installment of the annual commitment guessing game Georgia Tech had 16 commits. Between the first and second article in this series, Tech landed another commit. And yes that player – David Sims – was among the staffs' first two guesses. So a little pat on the back goes to the gang for the good start (and lucky timing!). The pressure increases now though because people may actual start to believe we know what we're doing. That remains to be seen.

Predicion Article #1

As a refresher on the rules and parameters we're working under. The coaching staff seems open to filling 23-25 spots this year so the GoJackets.com staff will try and predict who'll fill those spaces. We have changed up the way this article works this year. Instead of each staff member guessing all 7-9 players, we'll mix in a prediction of the most likely to happen. The staff was asked to start with the player they think is the most likely to become a member of this recruiting class.

So far Izaan Cross & David Sims (GT Commit) are off the board.

GoJackets.com's next remaining choice: Dontae Aycock

Aycock as the next pick was nearly unanimous. The staff has now gone with two quarterbacks in out first three picks. If this one pans out as well then the coaches have been make a compelling pitch for dual-threat quarterbacks.

Below are staff comments on why this was the choice.

Dale McDuffie:
Dontae Aycock – He almost committed to GT back in April. Coach Johnson told him to make sure he was doing the right thing and not make a hasty decision. CPJ also told him that he wasn't pushing him away and that he wanted him to be a Yellow Jacket very much. That went a long ways in Dontae's eyes and GT has been his favorite since.

Rod MacKenzie:
DONTAE AYCOCK - From the first time that he visited, there's always been the feeling that Dontae would end up at Tech. He was counseled to slow down the process and we've now gotten to the point where he has a final four of GT, WVU, S.C., and Louisville. Look for him to end up at Tech with his friend Anthony Allen.

Ryan Bass:
The competition for Aycock is South Carolina, West Virginia, and Louisville. And as was the case for David Sims, Tech is the only school in the bunch offering a shot at quarterback. This is always going to be a great selling point for the Yellow Jackets. Running the triple option will allow great high school athletes the who could probably play a number of positions in college a legitimate shot at the position most guys prefer above all others – quarterback. As for the reasons I feel Aycock will end up becoming a Yellow Jacket, I can't say it better than he did in this quote from his interview with Mike Bakas earlier this month. "I like how they're a physical team," said Aycock. "They run the same offense that we do here in high school and they're the only one of the four recruiting me as a quarterback. If I went there, I'd be real familiar with the system. They were one of the first schools to recruit me and one of my good friends, Anthony Allen, goes there. I like Georgia Tech a lot." Allen is also a transfer from Louisville, one of the schools competing with Tech for Dontae's services. Though Aycock says Anthony had nothing but good things to say about Louisville, I'm sure Allen's pitch to join him at Tech will be even more compelling! We learned that Aycock has had GT at or near the top of his list ever since Dale interviewed him in April following an unofficial visit to Tech to watch spring practice. The overall familiarity will win out in the end.

Jared Kimmel:
Dontae Aycock loved us going back to the spring. When it's all said and done I think he wants to be in Atlanta and wants to be a Yellow Jacket.

Jonathan Leifheit:
The next commit on my list is Dontae Aycock. He is another one that has been there for a while and wanted to commit back during the summer. But, his brother had him go through the process of recruiting and so he held off.

Kamden Robb chose Courtney Dalcourt but says:
Dontae is a player who nearly committed to the Yellow Jackets earlier in the year, but decided to wait. As the process has gone on, Dontae's recruitment has continued to expand. It appears that Florida leads for his services, but Georgia Tech continues to hang in there. I think it will ultimately come down to where he feels the most comfortable. If he is looking for a family atmosphere and a chance to play QB, then Georgia Tech is the winner. But that remains to be seen.

GoJackets.com's #2 remaining choice: Julian Burnett

This was a closer call with Cummings grabbing a couple of votes from the GoJackets.com staff. Either way, this was going to be a defensive pick.

Below are staff comments on why this was the choice.

Dale McDuffie chose Euclid Cummings but wrote:
Julian Burnett – He thinks the world of an offer from Georgia Tech. He mentioned several times that getting an offer from GT was a big deal. Plus the fact that both he and his family would like for him to stay close to home is a huge factor. Being on the north side of Macon, he's only one hour and fifteen minutes away from campus or home. Plus I think GT pulls out the heavy recruiting because he is a hard-working, blue collar type of player that in the past we let slip by. The Clemson LB and Wake Forest LB (LeRoy Hill & Jon Abbate) are prime examples.

Rod MacKenzie:
JULIAN BURNETT - We first met Julian when he attended our elite junior day a week prior to signing day. Since then he's received offers from NCST, South Carolina, and Wake Forest. None of them were able to get Julian to pull the trigger. A recent offer from Georgia Tech moved them right into the race for Julian. Two factors lead me to believe he'll end up at Tech. The first is Charles Kelly. Charles has a very high closing percentage. The second and just as important is his family's desire to have him play close to home. Look for Julian's name to be on Georgia Tech's list of signees.

Ryan Bass:
GT isn't in the market for too many linebackers these days. That being said, it must reflect well on Burnett that he's one we decided to offer at this point in the game as the number of open spots is closing up. I think Burnett has a lot of interest in Tech in return. He has been to a number of games including the Mississippi State and Florida State games. I wasn't one who thought he'd commit as soon as he was offered but I think there's a great chance he ends up here when he does decide. I think proximity is certainly in our favor with him being from the Macon area and considering schools like Ole Miss, North Carolina State, Wake Forest and South Carolina. Julian told Dale earlier this month, "My family wants me to stay close if at all possible. I don't mind traveling a little bit but I don't want to go too far away from home."

Jared Kimmel:
Julian Burnett - The linebacker from Westside HS in Macon is the latest to get an offer from Georgia Tech. I always believed he could commit soon after getting that offer. He'll be choosing the hometown team over the likes of Ole Miss, South Carolina, and Wake Forest.

Jonathan Leifheit chose Euclid Cummings but wrote:
Julian Burnett - A great athlete out of Macon. He was one of the most recent to receive an offer from GT and has been a heavy target as of late. I'd say he's a great candidate to end up a Yellow Jacket.

Kamden Robb chose Darren Myles but wrote:
Julian Burnett - We invited him to our Elite Junior Day earlier in the year, then he kind of dropped off the recruiting map for a while, but it appears we are taking a long look at him, and it wouldn't surprise me if we offered him and he committed on the spot.

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