New team enters picture for OL Gus Handler spoke with offensive lineman Gus Handler out of Barrington High School in Barrington, Illinois today. The 6'3" - 260 pound offensive guard talked about his visit to North Carolina State and a new team that may be entering the picture. spoke with offensive lineman Gus Handler out of Barrington High School in Barrington, Illinois today. The 6'3" - 260 pound offensive guard talked about his visit to North Carolina State and a new team that may be entering the picture. Handler had a very good senior year that is leading to offers from multiple BCS schools.

Gus, how was your trip to North Carolina State this weekend?

"It was great, I had a great time there. I got the full tour and had a chance to see them beat Miami. They have new facilities and new buildings everywhere. The coaches are relatively new too and the players seem to respond to them very well. I'd rate it a 10 for a visit."

Would NC State be considered your leader after that visit?

"No sir, not at all. I have a couple of more visits to make and plus I had great visits in the past that were just as good."

What visits do you have coming up?

"Well, I am going to Colorado this weekend and the next weekend I make the trip to Purdue. After the Purdue visit, I should have a good feel as to where I stand with the colleges that have offered me a scholarship."

What visits have you made b efore the NC State visit?

"I went to Georgia Tech for the Thursday night Miami game and had a great time there watching them beat the Hurricanes. Two Saturdays ago, I went to the Purdue –Indiana game and last Tuesday I went to Missouri for a quick visit. All in all I have had a pretty busy two weeks or so."

What offers do you have to date?

"So far I have offers from North Carolina State, Air Force, Eastern Illinois, Colorado, Miami of Ohio, New Mexico, Ball State, Purdue, and Illinois State."

I notice that you made a visit to Georgia Tech, but you do not have an offer from them. Are they up on your list and do you hope to get an offer from them?

"Yes sir, they are. I really liked the visit down there for the Thursday game. It's a great school in a great setting. They have great academics and play some of the best football I've seen this year. As for an offer from Georgia Tech, yes sir I would love one from them. I mean who wouldn't want an offer from Georgia Tech and Coach Johnson. Coach Sewak and Coach Spencer have told me it is down to two linemen and that I was one of them that could get an offer. I am hoping that a GT offer comes my way."

So, do you have a top five from the list of schools you have?

"No sir I can't say that I do. I mean all Division 1-A schools put on great visits and it hard to say a school is better than another one when you just come off a visit to that school. I want to be fair and sit down after I make all my visits and then look at each school's pluses and minuses and then make a decision."

Do you have timetable as to when you will make a decision?

"I will most likely sit down with my parents and look over everything and make a decision sometime after the Purdue visit in two weeks."

What will be the factors you use to make your decision?

"First and foremost is education. I want to go to a school that will give me a top notch education. If pro football isn't in my future, I want a quality education to fall back on and help me in my life after football. Next, it will be how comfortable I am not only education wise but do I fit in with the school as a player too. Do I feel wanted as both a student and a football player. That's important too. The school that can get me that will be the one I choose."

How about campus setting? Is a big city or small town important to you?

"No sir, it's all about the school. I mean, I like to have nice surrounding but the school is the most important thing."

I've spoken with a few linemen and they say blocking techniques that a team uses means a lot to them. How about you?

"It really doesn't matter to me. I feel I am a quick learner and can block in any type technique that is required."

How about you and your team? How did your senior season go?

"We had a good season. We went all the way to the quarterfinal and lost to the eventual state champions in our classification. Although we didn't win the title, as a team we felt we had a good season. Personally, I felt I had a good season. My coach told me that you can tell how good of a season you have as an individual by the amount of offers you get. So I feel I have had a good season as the offers have come in and hopefully are still coming in."

Dale's Take:

Gus was very easy to interview. He knows what he is looking for and what he hopes to get from the various schools across the country. He has put education first but he wants to play for a good team that is like a family. The school that makes him feel most wanted and comfortable that has the education he is looking for in a school will get this agile lineman. He has stated that he doesn't mind where the school is just that it fits what he wants from a college. Top Stories