Tyson Gets Early Recruiting Start

D.J. Tyson, is a quick and athletic running back from Greenbrier High school in Evans, Georgia. Although DJ is only a rising junior he has received attention from various schools across the Southeast. DJ spoke about the schools that have been in contact with him and the various combines and camps he has been to.

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How did your high school do this year?

"We made a jump up to 5A and it was a tough year for us. We went 2-8, but next year we are looking to make major improvements and turn our record around."

What positions do you play?

"I mainly play running back, but I've got a good amount of time in at wide receiver and played a few downs at cornerback as well."

What has your coaches been telling you about next season?

"I've been told that my main position will be running back, and that is what I think I be the best at too. I should get some time in at wide receiver too and maybe play some corner as well."

What schools have been in contact with you?

"So far I've heard from North Carolina State, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Virginia and LSU. I've been getting mail from most of the ACC and SEC schools."

What camps or combines have you attended?

"I got a chance to go to the Under Armour Combine and the Underclassman Combines this past summer. I also went to the Football University Combine in Orlando, which was very good. I really enjoyed that one. I've been to camps at Vanderbilt and Presbyterian College. I got a chance to see what goes on at the camps and combines and really look forward to attending all the camps and combines this upcoming year too."

Have you made any visits this year?

"Yes sir, I was at the Georgia Tech - Florida State game and this past week, I took in the NC State - Miami game. Clemson called and wanted me to come to the South Carolina game, but I had already committed to going to the NC State game so I couldn't make that one."

What 40 time did you get at the camps and combines?

"I was clocked at a 4.6 this past summer, but I've worked on that and have gotten it down to a 4.5 and am working harder to improve that time as well as my strength and weight. The height will come as I get older."

Is location a priority for you?

"I would like to be close to home so my family can see me play, but in the end I feel it will be which school is the best fit for me. The one I feel the most comfortable at will be the one for me."

Have you decided on what you want to go into education wise?

"I'd like to do something in either Sports Medicine or work with a degree that will allow me to become a Pediatrician. That is something I would like to pursue."

Dale's Take:

D.J. was a good interview being a sophomore and he seems to have a good feel to what lies ahead as far as his recruiting will be and what he wants to do. He has two more years to put his name on the recruiting front and will be one to watch as he gets closer to college deciding time.

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