MacMillan beginning to set up officials

The Hun School's Nolan MacMillan is a monster on the offensive line at 6'6" 285 lbs and college coaches are taking notice. He is a board student at the school, originally from Canada where his parents currently live.

Nolan MacMillan - Profile

What teams are recruiting you Nolan?

"I'm being recruited by Akron, Louisville, Connecticut, Rutgers, South Florida, William & Mary, Tulane, Iowa, Michigan State and Georgia Tech. Those are all who have offered me. I'm still waiting on Stanford, Cal-Berkeley, Michigan, and Virginia."

So were you able to make any visits yet this year?

"Yes, I was at South Florida. Tonight, I'm going to Rutgers."

Yesterday Georgia Tech came by to visit with you. How did that go?

"Yes, (A-back and special teams) Coach Monken came by the school to see me. He's a great guy. We've been talking for a week and a half or so, so it was good to see him. It was a good visit. It was nice to see what they're about. They seem like a program on the rise. I watched their game with UGA, I loved the tackle-eligible pass they did. I also saw them play Miami on TV."

So did Coach Monken offer you during the visit?

"Yes, he did. But, my high school coach had already told me the day before about it."

You mentioned you watched Tech play on TV. Do you watch the other schools recruiting you?

"Yeah I try to pay attention to the schools that are recruiting me after my school finished our season. I try to study the teams and see how they play."

Do you have official visits set up?

"Yeah I am going to Iowa on the 12th. I'm also trying to see when I can come down to Atlanta and visit Georgia Tech. Right now, I only have six open weekends so I'm about to be really busy."

Nolan says he is a dominant run blocker who "loves to drive the opponent to the ground and really enjoys the nastiness of run blocking." The big Canadian will be a great addition late in the recruiting season for whichever suitor lures him to their school. Top Stories