All-Star Will Jackson Sets Up GT Visit

Will Jackson, the offensive guard from Farragut High School in Knoxville, Tennessee recently played in the East Tennessee-West Tennessee All-Star game. He also has set up his official visit to Georgia Tech. He is still solid with Georgia Tech and he says he stays in contact with fellow Tech commit Jordan Luallen on a weekly basis.

Will Jackson – Profile

How have you been since we last talked?

"Well, since the high school season ended, I was selected to play in the East Tennessee-West All–Star game. We played this past week but unfortunately my East Squad lost 10-7."

It must have been a defensive game?

"Yes sir it was but we (East squad) could move the ball very well but couldn't convert of some field goals. Our kicking team missed three field goals but that's not the whole reason we lost. We played very well, just missed some opportunities to win the game. We moved the ball on the ground at will most of the game but you have give credit to the West defense, they made the stops when they needed to. Still I thought we out played them."

How do you feel you played in the game?

"I think I played a good game in my eyes. I was told by a writer for high schools in Tennessee that I dominated my guy the whole game. That made me feel better about my performance but in the end we lost and that is what matters most."

Are you still a solid commitment to Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir, I am very much solid to Tech. I committed to them on a visit and Jordan Luallen had been talking to me about Tech for a while and I got to see what he was telling me in person and I felt I didn't have any reason to look anywhere else. Jordan is a big reason I am coming to Tech and it will be great to have a good relationship with some fellow recruits before we get to campus."

Did you get a chance to watch the Georgia Tech-Georgia game?

"Yes sir I did. I loved it. You can see the toughness and the physical play that Coach Johnson has instilled into Tech and I really love that style of play. Tech came out after halftime and really took control of the game and took it to Georgia. Jonathon Dwyer and Roddy Jones were awesome in that game. They were clearly the best running backs on the field that day. I'm not taking anything away from Moreno but Dwyer and Jones were much better that day."

Have you set up your official visit to Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir I have. I will be coming down to Atlanta on the 19th of this month. I am really looking forward to this visit even though I have been there on an unofficial one before but this one is my official one. I will also be coming down next week to watch the bowl practice too so I will have plenty of chances to get to see more of the campus and players I will be playing with next year."

Who will be your position coach next year?

"Technically Coach Sewak will be my position coach but I understand that both coaches will have input to the whole line so I will get to learn from Coach Spencer too."

Do you plan on doing anything special on the day you sign your LOI?

"I think we will have a ceremony at my high school when I sign. Other than that nothing else is in the works."

Dale's Take:

Will was very happy with the way Georgia Tech played during the year and very pleased with how the season ended up for the Yellow Jackets. He's looking forward to getting to Tech in June and beginning his career. He is very committed to coming to Georgia Tech and plans on staying in contact with Jordan Luallen and other commits until they arrive on campus. Top Stories