GT Journal: Jordan Luallen's Offical Visit

Four-star quarterback and Georgia Tech commitment Jordan Luallen just finished his official visit with the Yellow Jackets. Jordan shares a journal of what he did while on his official visit this weekend.

Four-star quarterback and Georgia Tech commitment Jordan Luallen just finished his official visit with the Yellow Jackets. This was a visit he had been looking forward to for a while now. Luallen is a great talent who shows skills, knowledge, and leadership on the field. Off the field, he is the type of guy that any school would want to represent their program. Currently, Luallen is set to enroll early this coming semester if he decides to. He is thinking and praying hard about it and the decision should be known soon. Jordan was gracious to our staff to share a journal of what he did on his official visit.

Jordan Luallen on his official visit to Atlanta.


1:00 - We checked in at the hotel and met up with a bunch of the guys.

1:45 - We headed over to the AA to eat lunch and I sat with Coach Bohannon and Jay Finch and his dad and we talked for about 45 minutes to an hour and then me and my future receivers (Stephen Hill and Jeremy Moore) hung out and talked for a little while with Antonio Foster before heading off to academic meetings.

3:00 - Academics meetings with a lady from the school of management, I liked what she showed us that they had to offer but I think I am leaning toward majoring in Economics.

4:30 - We all took a tour around the facilities.

6:00 - We headed off to The Capital Grille for dinner with our hosts and all the coaches, the food was amazing and we had a really good time.

8:00 - Jaybo, Phil Smith, Jay Finch, and I headed off to Atlantic Station to see a movie and then after that we met up with Ray Beno and Joe Gilbert and hung out with them for a little while.


9:00 - We all headed down for breakfast and then after breakfast we went over to the fields to watch practice and take a little tour of the newly renovated locker room.

11:00 - We toured the campus and went into a dorm room to see what we would be living in for the next four or five years, the dorms are really nice and I'm pretty excited that all four of us wont have to share one bathroom.

1:30 - We ate lunch in the presidential suite that overlooks the stadium with the coaches and our hosts.

3:00 - We headed back over to the coaches offices for positions meetings. This was my favorite part of the entire trip because Coach Bohannon, Courtney Dalcourt and I watched a highlight film of quarterback play and I was able to discuss and dissect the offense with coach Bohannon. I am really eager to learn more about the offense I will be running in the future and I am in the process of trying to get some film from the coaches, if I can, so I can study it on my own.

4:00 - We had some free time before dinner so my family and I went and checked out some houses that were for sale.

6:30 - We all gathered for dinner in the hotel with our hosts and the coaches. We had a great time talking and eating some really good food, I think it was kind of Cajun but whatever it was it was delicious.

7:30 - After that we went out with our hosts, I had a new host on Saturday night because Jaybo was out watching his brother Connor at the State Championship game. My new host was Quentin Sims, a freshman receiver from Cincinnati, right up my way. We went with Jamal Paige and Euclid Cummings out to the mall and hung out then back to their room for a little bit. We met up with B.J. Machen, I know him real well from the previous times I have been down so it was cool to hang out with him too.


10:00 - We woke up for breakfast and each recruit had a chance to sit down with Coach Johnson, it was a fairly relaxed meeting for us since I am committed already and everything but it was great to just sit down and talk to him. After that I headed off to Cartersville for my grandma and grandpa's wedding anniversary party. We caught a 5:30 flight home and now its time for finals.

**After this weekend I realized that this truly is the perfect fit, before I was pretty positive but after this weekend it leaves no doubt. I am positive that God led me here for a reason and I am very excited to be a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket. Everything was so perfect and I am excited to get to Atlanta with my teammates and the coaches. Georgia Tech really feels like home and everyone made me feel at home. I will stand by the statement I made long ago. "Georgia Tech is the best school in the country hands down and I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a Yellow Jacket." Top Stories