Sweeting talks GT official visit

Roderick Sweeting, the four star corner back from Luella High School in Locust Grove, Georgia, talked about his official visit to Georgia Tech. Roderick has been a commitment to the Yellow Jackets since August 1st but waited until now to take his official visit. He had great things to say his visit and even better things to say about his fellow visitors.

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How did your official visit to Georgia Tech go this weekend?

"Oh it was great. They really treated me and my family great. We got there on Friday and met with the coaches for a while. That night, we went to The Capital Grille for dinner and that was a very nice place to eat. I really liked that. After that, a lot of the players took us out to show us around and we had a very good time. The players treated us like we were already a part of the team. Saturday we had breakfast in the hotel conference room and then had lunch in the Presidential Suite overlooking Bobby Dodd Stadium. That was awesome, looking at the field I will be playing on next season. We met with coaches and toured the campus. I really loved how the campus is set up. That night the players took us out again and we had an even better time. We all felt like a close knit family and that made it even better. On Sunday, we got up and had breakfast and talked with the coaches before we left. The visit was great, everyone showed my family and myself a great time."

What was the highlight of the trip?

Just being there was the best thing. Looking at where I will be at for the next four to five years was exciting. Seeing players that I will be playing with and coaches that will make me a better player and seeing how great Georgia Tech is academically and with their athlete programs made it a trip that was something I really enjoyed."

So the visit really firmed up your commitment to Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir, it did. I was already firm with my commitment but this visit really showed me I made the best decision for myself. I can't wait to get to Tech and start my career."

Which players did you hang out with the most?

"I talked with Dominique Reese a lot as he was my host, but I can tell you I felt at home with all of them. In fact, it seems all the recruits there really bonded well with the current players."

While you were there, did you get a chance to bond with any other recruits?

"I think we all got along real well. I talked with all the recruits there with me, and I know all the recruits there had a great time and the ones already committed to Georgia Tech said they were all looking forward to getting to Atlanta to play for Tech. There were a couple of recruits that haven't committed to anyone just yet and one of them, Euclid Cummings, said he had a great time. I asked him if he was going to take any more official visits and he said he was supposed to go to North Carolina in January but he's not sure he is going now. He felt Tech had everything he needed and he seemed like he had a great time."

Do you have anymore official visits left?

"No sir, I am set. I am done with my recruiting. Come signing day, I will sign my letter of intent to play for Georgia Tech."

What will you major in once you get to Georgia Tech?

"I will major in Business Management and I know a Georgia Tech Business Management degree is a very good one to have."

You mentioned you talked to the coaches. What did they have to say to you?

"They told me that with my talent and my work ethic, that I have a chance to come into fall practice and with hard work I have a excellent chance to get playing time as a freshman. Coach Johnson was very up front with me and said I had to work hard to earn this playing time and I plan on giving it my all to earn it. I don't want it just given to me, I want to earn it."

What is on your agenda between now and signing day?

"I will work hard to stay in condition so I'll be ready in June when I get to Tech. I also have the all star game in South Carolina on January 2nd. We will go there on December 28th to practice and then the game will be on the 2nd. I am looking forward to that to see how I stack up against some all star players."

Dale's Take:

I had a chance to talk with Roderick's father earlier today and he said that he and his wife were blown away with how they were treated. Coach Johnson told him that he will make sure his son gets his degree and that was the most important thing to Mr. Sweeting. He told me that others schools who has been recruiting his son seemed to place more emphasis on telling him that his son would be able to play on teams ranked in the top ten but nothing about academics or what they could give his son to work with after football. Mr. Sweeting said he knows a Georgia Tech degree will open doors for his son and that was what he wanted most for him. Roderick was very upbeat about this weekend and was looking forward to becoming a Yellow Jacket and he feels that everyone on his visit will be his future teammates.

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