Johnson welcomes GT coach for in-home visit

Carencro, La athlete Ricky Johnson met this evening with Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson. Ricky spoke about the in-home visit and how the visit has affected his recruitment. Currently Ricky is committed to Arkansas but after the visit with Coach Johnson it is a two team race for this talented athlete.

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Ricky, I understand you had an in home visit from Coach Paul Johnson tonight?

"Yes sir, I sure did. Coach Johnson came by for about an hour and talked about how much he feels I would be a great fit into his offense. He told me that he wanted me as one of the slot backs (A-Backs). I really like that idea a lot. I watched how Roddy Jones really put up big numbers against Georgia from that position. I like the fact that you are a part of the running game and a part of the passing game too. I also saw how much Jonathon Dwyer did this year in his offense and I would love to be a big part of that."

Sounds like your visit with Coach Johnson was a good one?

"Yes sir it was very good. He told me how much he wanted me at Georgia Tech and that was the reason he made the visit himself. He wanted to give me his personal and undivided attention. That really meant a lot to me. He came a long way just to talk to me for about an hour even though I am committed to Arkansas."

Are you still committed to Arkansas after this visit?

"I really don't know. I like to say I am but right now Georgia Tech and Arkansas are my top two teams. Right now they are even, no team is ahead of the other one."

What else did you and Coach Johnson talk about?

"He told me that even though Tech is running into a numbers game with how many they can sign, that he really wanted me to come to Georgia Tech. He didn't pressure me into a decision. He even asked me to sleep on it and let him know as soon as possible. I felt like he was letting me know he really wanted me at Tech but it had to be a decision I made on my own and felt comfortable with in making. I like the way he handled that."

What do you think of Coach Johnson?

"He's obviously a great coach as he's won everywhere he's been. I mean look at the success he had in his first year at Georgia Tech, that was awesome. I know I wouldn't have to worry about him going anywhere else either as he told me he was going to sign a new seven year contract and that he was very happy at Georgia Tech. Knowing that makes Tech that much more attractive to me. I also feel that he will blow out LSU in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl too. You can tell he will have his players ready."

Do you think Georgia Tech is a good fit for you or would Arkansas be a better fit?

"At this point, I am really torn. I know there is a lot more to do in Atlanta and I think I can be a good fit in both offenses. I really have to sit down and weigh the options both teams have."

Do you have any other visits to make?

"I will go to Arkansas on January 23rd and that is my only visit left. I've already made one to Atlanta."

So it's down to Georgia Tech and Arkansas?

"Yes sir, it is. Michigan just offered me last week but right now it is between Georgia Tech and Arkansas."

Dale's Take:

Ricky was very upbeat about Coach Johnson coming to see him. He felt that just him coming showed that Coach Johnson really wanted him at Georgia Tech. Ricky also liked the fact that Coach Johnson was very up front with him about limited space but didn't pressure him into making a quick decision. It seems that this visit has changed the recruitment of Ricky Johnson big time. Top Stories