Kight plans official visit to Georgia Tech

Lithonia, GA running back/linebacker Joel Kight played host to Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson on Wednesday evening. Joel talked about Coach Johnson's message to him and what is in his future as far his recruitment is concerned. Joel also talked about how much he and his dad were very impressed with Coach Johnson.

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How did your in-home visit with Coach Johnson go tonight?

"It went real well. Coach Johnson told me that he really likes me and thinks I will be a big part of his football team. He told me that he was very impressed with my film. He went on to talk about Georgia Tech both from the sports side and the academic side. He was really very informative and gave me a lot of information. He told me to come in for an official visit, which I am this upcoming weekend and he will be able to give me more information about Georgia Tech and how I could fit in there both athletically and academically."

Did your Dad like Coach Johnson on this visit?

"Oh yes sir, very much. My Dad liked the way he answered his questions especially when he asked questions about the academics. Coach Johnson answered all the questions. My Dad really came away impressed about the academics at Georgia Tech."

Speaking of academics, when you get to college what major will you pursue?

"I will either go into the business school or pursue a major in the computer field. I really love working with computers. I know one of those two fields will be my major."

What was your overall impression of Coach Johnson?

To me he is very laid back and down to earth. Plus, he's very honest as he talked about dealing with a limited amount of scholarships. He handled that part very professionally and didn't make it sound like "well if you're not interested please don't waste my time". He told me he was recruiting others. While he would love to take them all he had only a few he could take. I really could see myself playing for a coach like that. To me, it felt like he was a regular guest that would come to my house. It was very refreshing."

Did Coach Johnson say what position he was recruiting you to play?

"He told me that I could come in and play A-Back or I could move over to defense if the occasion arises out of need. I've played both offense and defense throughout my football career so it really doesn't matter to me as long as I get a chance to play and contribute to the team. I really want to help the team win whether it be on offense or defense. I feel comfortable playing both so it really isn't a big deal as to which side of the ball I am playing."

Do you have a scholarship offer from Georgia Tech?

"I believe so. I will know for sure when I go on my official visit this weekend."

What other official visits have you been on to date?

"I've gone to Boston College and Oklahoma State. I will be going to Georgia Tech this weekend as you know, and I think my official visit to Ole Miss is on January 16th. I'm not real sure of the exact date."

It's down to those four schools for you?

Yes sir, it is. I will choose one from those four schools."

Can you see yourself committing to Georgia Tech this weekend if the trip is better than you expect?

"If the trip totally blows me away, I can see myself doing that. I told myself that I would like to take all four official visits but if the Georgia Tech trip blows me away, then yes I can commit to them. Georgia Tech is up there and I am seriously considering them. I will definitely know something by the middle of January at the latest."

Have you made any unofficial visits to Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir. I've been to the Mississippi State and Miami games. Both were great games to see."

Dale's Take:

Joel came away very impressed with Coach Johnson. This was really the first time he had a chance to get to know Coach Johnson and he came away impressed. Joel's father was equally impressed with Coach Johnson as he stressed academics just as much as football. Joel and I have set up a time to talk this weekend to see how his trip was at Georgia Tech and to see if he has an announcement to make after the trip. Top Stories