GT commit Crenshaw enjoys official visit

Three star defensive end, Chris Crenshaw from Jefferson High School in Louisville, Georgia spoke about his recent official visit to Georgia Tech. Chris talked about what they did on the visit as well as which players he hung out with. While on the official visit, Chris made a connection with one recruit that is committed to Georgia Tech and one that is not at this time.

Chris Crenshaw - Profile

How was the official visit to Georgia Tech?

"It was very good, I really enjoyed my time there and Georgia Tech made it an impressive time with all they had planned for us. This visit really showed me that my decision to commit to Georgia Tech was the right one."

What did you do on the trip?

We got there on Friday and one of the first things we did after getting settled into the hotel was meet with the academic advisors and tour the academic buildings and academic support facilities. I really enjoyed seeing and learning about the area of my major, which will be in the business school. After those tours, we went to The Capital Grille and had dinner. It was really good food and a very nice place to go. I liked it there. We then hung out with the players and other recruits for a while.

On Saturday, we had breakfast in the hotel conference room and then had a chance to watch the football team practice. Lunch time was at the Presidental Suite overlooking the football stadium. That was a great view with great food. We then went on a tour of the weight room, training room and locker rooms. I understand they have been recently renovated. It is a great locker room. We toured the rest of the campus and then went by the CRC building. That is an impressive building for the entire student population to use. After that, we had a chance to hang out with the current players and a chance to meet other recruits. I mostly hung out with the freshmen and sophomores from the football team and with Jemea Thomas and Euclid Cummings from the recruits that were there.

On Sunday, we ate breakfast and met with all the coaches. It was great getting to know not only the head coach and my position coach but the entire staff. Georgia Tech has a great group of coaches, ones that will make the team into a consistent winner. This visit was a great way to end my recruiting process."

Who was your host while you were there?

"Derrick Morgan was my host and he really made me feel at home and made the visit enjoyable."

I see you said you hung out with Jemea and Euclid, how did they seem to like the visit?

Both really enjoyed it. I know Jemea is a commit and he seems to feel right at home at Georgia Tech. Euclid isn't committed to anyone yet but I think Georgia Tech will be the place he ends up. You never know for sure but that is what I feel about him."

What was the best part of the trip for you?

"Getting a chance to really know the coaches and current and future players better."

What do you think of Coach Johnson?

"I really like him. He is very honest with you and that is something that is important to me. I know he's a really good coach as he is a winner wherever he's been, plus his current players think the world of him. I am really looking forward to playing for him as he is a coach that will get onto you when you fail to execute but he has your best interest at heart no matter what. You know where you stand with him and he's fair to all players. I also want to be a part of keeping the defensive tradition Georgia Tech has developed over the years. With Coach Johnson and his staff, I feel I will be part of that tradition continuing."

Have they told you which number you will get once you get to campus?

"Yes sir, they did. I am going to get Darryl Richard's number 95 when I get there."

Do you have anything special planned for signing day?

"I will have a little ceremony at my high school and that's probably all we will do."

Dale's Take:

Chris told me he was glad he went on his official this weekend as there were a lot of recruits that have already committed and two recruits that would be great additions to the class. He really likes Coach Johnson and is looking forward to learning from him and Coach Giff Smith while at Georgia Tech. He said he knew his decision was the right one and that he is done with his recruitment following this visit. Georgia Tech is picking up a very talented player, one that is going to give it his all both on the field and in the class room. Top Stories