Dalcourt Recaps GT Visit

Franklin Simpson High School quarterback Courtney Dalcourt took the first of his five official visits last weekend. He spoke about the first visit to Georgia Tech, how he intends to compare this visit with the others he has scheduled, and when he plans to make a decision on his college choice.

Courtney Dalcourt - Profile

How did your official visit go at Georgia Tech?

"It was very cool, a really nice trip. They showed us a great time and I really enjoyed my time down there. I got a chance to see the campus, tour the facilities and academic side of the school, and hang out with the players. Georgia Tech really showed us a great time."

What do you feel was the best part of the trip?

"I really enjoyed hanging out with the players. Georgia Tech has a great group of players and they made me feel at home and real comfortable."

Who did you hang out with the most?

"Other than the recruits there, I hung out with Josh Nesbitt, Demaryius Thomas, and Derrick Morgan the most. They are really cool guys and made me feel very welcomed there."

I know that you got a chance to talk to the coaches. What did Coach Johnson have to say to you?

"He told me that I would be a very valuable addition to the team and that he really wanted me there not only as a student but also as a player. He felt Georgia Tech could give me everything I was looking for in a school. He asked me about when I thought I would be making a decision and he was very open and understanding as to where I was coming from. He didn't pressure me at all. He just wanted to know where I stood in regards to Georgia Tech."

Can you see yourself playing in the offense Coach Johnson runs?

"Yes sir, I do. While we were talking, we watched some film of the offense and Coach Johnson showed where and how to make the reads the quarterback needs to make in his offense. I also talked with Coach Bohannon. He's a really cool guy that I like a lot. I really like what they have on offense."

When do you think you will make a decision?

"I'd like to make some more official visits and have something to compare. Georgia Tech was my first trip and I have three, possibly four more to make."

What other officials do you have lined up?

"I will be going to Kentucky, Western Kentucky, Louisville, and possibly Central Michigan. I will be done with them by mid January."

So these are the final five schools you will choose from and mid January should be a time frame for your decision?

"Yes sir, that is correct. I want to make those visits to tour the schools and compare the campuses and academics to one another. I want to major in something that will lead to some sort of medical job or sports medicine after college. I see myself making these visits so it will most likely be mid January when I make a decision."

<>Did you find the academics at Georgia Tech to your liking and did they have a major that would help you in your field?

"Yes sir, the academics were great and Tech has a great biology major that can get me where I want to go. If I went to Tech, I would go through their biology program."

What positions are you being recruited to play?

"I am being recruited anywhere from a quarterback (Georgia Tech) to a cornerback and wide receiver (Kentucky)."

What position do you want to play once you get to college?

"I want to play quarterback in college. That is the position I've played and feel most comfortable playing."

Georgia Tech already has verbals from David Sims and Jordan Luallen, does that put them at a disadvantage in your recruitment?

"Oh, nor sir, that is not a problem at all. I know once you get to college you will have to compete and I will not shy away from competition. The best man will start but you can always get playing time by working hard and improving yourself."

Dale's Take:

Courtney really enjoyed his trip to Atlanta. He felt the players at Georgia Tech are ones he could see himself playing with on the next level and he enjoyed spending time with them. Although his trip was one he liked very much, it was his first one and he wants to make some more trips to have a comparison, so he can make an informed decision. He knows what he wants and it seems he will follow a plan he put together so he can make a sound and informed decision. Courtney and I have set up a time in the future to talk again and I really look forward to talking with this bright young man.

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