GT Gets 3rd QB

<B>Patrick Carter</B>, one of the top signal callers in the South, has committed to Georgia Tech, joining <B>Reggie Ball</B> and <B>Al Pena</b>. Carter is from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Georgia Tech picked up another quarterback commitment. This time, the Yellow Jackets went down to St. Petersburg, Florida and got Pat Carter.

"I did commit to Georgia Tech," said Carter. "It is a guranteed education. I want to finish school. Georgia Tech also really recruited me hard. They showed up at my house last week with five coaches. They were the first to call and the first to come by my house. That is when I knew just how much they really wanted me. That's a good feeling. Plus, the coaches seem great. I like talking with those guys. I look forward to working with Coach Gailey and Coach O'Brien."

Carter joins quarterbacks Reggie Ball and Al Pena on the Georgia Tech commit list. Carter is an athletic quarterback with a very good arm. He makes good decisions with the ball and can throw all the passes.

Carter is the younger brother of former Auburn Tiger star Tim Carter. Top Stories