GT commit Jeremy Moore takes official visit

Austin, Texas wideout and Georgia Tech commit Jeremy Moore took his official visit to Georgia Tech this past weekend. Jeremy talked about how close knit the Georgia Tech football team is and how well they get along with one another. He said they made all the recruits fit right in on their official visit.

Jeremy Moore - Profile

How did your visit to Georgia Tech go this past week?

"It went real well. I had a great time and the coaches and players all went out of their way to make all the recruits and families feel right at home. You couldn't ask for a better group of guys than what Georgia Tech has right now. I have to say it was one great trip."

What did you get to do while you were there?

"Well we had a chance to tour the campus and see all the facilities from the locker room, to the stadium, and the academics facilities. The food was great and the players really treated us like family. I hung out with Josh Nesbitt, Demaryius Thomas and Tyler Melton who is from my area. Recruits I hung out with mostly were Jordan Luallen, Stephen Hill and Jemea Thomas. All of us had a great time. The players took us to places and showed us a really good time. Atlanta is a great place and there is a lot to do. I'm looking forward to when June rolls around so I can get there."

Did Demaryius have anything to say to you since he is a wide receiver?

"Yes sir he did. He told me that if I came in and worked real hard I could very well see some playing time. He also said that I will really enjoy playing for Coach Johnson as he is very honest and straight forward with you and always has your best interests at heart. He told me to prepare to work hard as Coach Johnson really stresses conditioning for his players."

What was the highlight of the trip in your eyes?

"It was all great but I have to say that hanging out with the players was awesome. These guys really are close knit and get along with one another. I'll be glad to get there and become a part of that type of friendship."

Did you get a chance to speak to Coach Johnson much?

"Yes sir I did. We had a very nice long talk. He told me to come in and work hard and get my shoulder in shape as he feels I can contribute right away. I know I will have to get my shoulder ready for practice or I will be redshirted my freshman year. I want to play right away but I want to play at 100% and not waste a year if I am not completely ready to contribute. If I have to redshirt, then that's what I'll do. Coach Johnson was very upfront about it and I agree with him completely."

How did you like the campus and the city of Atlanta?

Oh, the campus and the school was better than I expected. I knew Georgia Tech had great facilities both athletically and academically but to be able to see everything they have more in-depth showed me just how great they are. The city of Atlanta is a great place too. There is a lot to do around town. What I like too is that the students and all the people around are really nice and treat you nice."

Have you decided on a major?

"Yes sir, I have. I will be majoring in mechanical engineering when I get to Georgia Tech. I look forward to having that degree when I leave Tech."

Did you hear about one of the recruits with you that weekend committing to Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir, I did. I was informed that Euclid Cummings made a commitment this past Thursday. It's nice to know that he will be there next year."

Have you picked out a number or did the staff at Georgia Tech assign you one?

"I'd like to get number 7, but if I can't get that one I was told I could have number 4. We'll see when I get there in June. I can't wait."

Dale's Take:

Jeremy was very easy to talk to and his parents would be very proud of him as he answered every question with yes sir or no sir and at the end told me thank you for allowing him to be interviewed. He is ready to get to Tech, willing to work hard, and anxious to meet all of his new teammates. Jeremy said he is completely happy with his decision and he never even thought about taking any more visits once he committed to Georgia Tech. I know Georgia Tech is getting an outstanding young man in Jeremy Moore. Top Stories