MacMillan sorting through options

A few weeks ago Nolan MacMillan, of the Hun School in Princeton, New Jersey, made his first official visit to Iowa. A week later, he made a visit that was quite different from Iowa to Atlanta to check out Georgia Tech.

Nolan MacMillan - Profile

How were his visits?

Iowa - "It went well. It was my first one. So, it was good to get the whole official visit experience. I really enjoyed meeting the coaches. My father also went with me and he enjoyed meeting the coaches as well. They had a banquet while I was there so it was nice to see the seniors honored there. I was able to watch practice there as well, it was nice to see."

Georgia Tech - "It was different. It was more of an urban campus than Iowa. I enjoyed it. I had met one coach from each Iowa and Georgia Tech before my visits so it was nice to meet each whole staff. Coach Monken was who I met before I visited Tech. It was great to meet Coach Johnson and the other coaches in person. Georgia Tech had more visitors. It was nice to meet more people that are going there. I was able to see a practice as well while I was there. Both visits were pretty equal."

Nolan said that he does not have any future visits set in stone for January. He is planning on visiting Virginia but he is not sure of a date yet. He said that when he gets back to the Hun School, his head coach will help plan another possible visit, as three or four other schools are still interested. He'll have more of an idea then. After he's taken all his visits, he'll have an idea of where he'll be going.

What are going to be the factors determining a school standing out for Nolan?

"All the schools I'm looking at have good academics and a competitive football program. Those are the common factors. I just need to see where I fit in the best and where I'll be the best player. It might be Iowa, it might be Georgia Tech. I like both of those schools. I just want to see more places to compare."

Nolan has been spending time with his family in Canada for Christmas break, which he hasn't gotten to do since August. When he gets back to school on January 5th, he'll be planning the Virginia visit and maybe another. Top Stories