Finch likely to play tackle

Kennesaw Mountain High's Jay Finch is a versatile lineman who is looking forward to becoming a Yellow Jacket. Right now he is trying to do what Tech's coaches want him to do, which is to get ready.

Jay Finch - Profile

"Coach (Brian) Bohannon came by the school on Friday to see me. He was just in to check up and talk. He said they're looking forward to getting everybody on campus. They want us to come in shape. So, I'm doing a lot of running and conditioning."

Finch also made his official visit back in December.

"It was really fun," he said. "My mom and dad came with me. It was a lot of fun to be with some of the guys. I already knew Ray Beno. I got to hang out with him and Antonio (Foster). I'm also real good friends with Will (Jackson) but he came the next weekend."

Where on the O-line does Finch feel most comfortable?

"(Co-offensive line) Coach Sewak said he starts everybody at center to see if they can snap and then it goes from there. Coach Bohannon says I'll probably play tackle because they want the quicker guys on the ends to get to the linebackers."

What does he look forward to most about coming to Tech?

"I am just glad to be getting out on my own. I'm tired of high school."

Jay says that he is rooming with fellow linemen commits Beno and Jackson for sure next year. There is room for one more and that spot may be taken by Antonio Foster. The coaches think it'll be a good idea for the linemen to be together and Jay agrees. He wanted number 61 next year but that is already taken by Phil Smith. Smith was his recruiting host on his official visit.

Rumor has it that Jay is good friends with Denzel McCoy, a class of 2010 prospect who the Yellow Jackets badly want on their defensive line. Is there any truth to this?

"We met two years ago at a camp. We've stayed in contact and hang out at games or when we can. I sure hope we get him. Bohannon put it all on me!" Top Stories