Burnett knows he made the right decision

Westside Macon's talented linebacker Julian Burnett recently took his official visit to Georgia Tech and played in Georgia's North-South All Star game. Julian enjoyed both experiences. They both showed him he made the right decision when he committed to Georgia Tech.

Julian Burnett - Profile

When we last spoke, you had just committed to Georgia Tech and you were getting ready for your official visit to Tech. How did that visit go?

"Oh, it was a great visit. They really treated us great while we were there. Everything was first class. I got a chance to see all of the school both from the academic perspective and all the football facilities. Tech has the best of both in my opinion. I know I'll have the best while I am at Georgia Tech. Everything about the visit was great. We also got a chance to watch the team practice. The whole visit was top notch. The visit sealed the deal for sure about my decision to commit to Georgia Tech.

Did you get a chance to speak to the coaches while you were there?

"Yes sir, I did. I spoke with all of them and really liked the entire staff. I really liked my personal meeting with Coach BJ (Coach Brian Jean-Mary). He said he really liked me as a player and told me what he expected out of me when I get there in the summer. He told me that with my talent he feels I can contribute right away as a freshman. He said that it was up to me to earn it. He said if I perform and work hard I will earn my playing time right away."

Have there been any schools trying to get you to come in for a visit or change your mind about attending Tech?

"North Carolina State called the other week, but I wasn't there to take the call and I feel they get the idea that I am very solid to Tech and that there is nothing that can change my mind. I will be attending Tech in the summer."

During our last discussion, you said you would like to enroll early, I see you changed your mind?

"Yes sir I did, I felt that rushing things to get enrolled early might not be the best thing to do. I know I am going to Tech so I feel that I can take the spring and be ready in the summer and not have to rush everything. I know a spring practice would be very nice but the way I had to go, I would have to rush through some things that I should really take my time and make sure it is right."

I see you played in the North-South All Star game. How was that experience?

"It was a tremendous experience. I played on the same team with some future Tech teammates in Jemea Thomas, Raymond Beno, Chris Crenshaw, and J.C. Lanier. I also played against future teammates in Daniel Drummond and Izaan Cross. They are all great guys and we hit it off real good. If my official visit to Tech didn't show me I made the right choice, this did. I feel we have a great group of guys coming in at Georgia Tech. I know we are all excited about attending Georgia Tech.

- Julian Burnett at the North-South All Star Game

Dale's Take:

Julian was very upbeat when talking about coming to Georgia Tech. As previously mentioned, he wanted an offer from Tech and once he got it, his recruiting was over. Tech was and is the place for him. He really hit it off with fellow recruits on both his official visit and the all star game he played in on December 29th. He is looking forward to playing football at Tech and he feels Tech is getting a great class with the recruits coming in this year.

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