Wesley Tate taking visits

John Paul II High School's (Hendersonville, Tennessee) running back Wesley Tate has just completed a visit to Vanderbilt. While the visit went well, he's still looking for an offer from the school he'll be visiting next weekend. The big running back is waiting on his last visit before making a decision.

Wesley Tate - Profile

How did your visit to Vanderbilt go this weekend?

"It went really well. I got a chance to tour the campus and actually found out some things about Vandy and their campus that I didn't know. I got a chance to meet the players and talk with the coaches. All in all, the entire visit was good."

What offers do you have right now?

"Right now I have offers from Vanderbilt, Purdue, Stanford, Air Force, Navy, Miami (Ohio), Western Kentucky and a few others. I am looking and hoping to get an offer from Georgia Tech. They have expressed interest in me a lot lately."

Have you set up a visit to see Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir I plan on going to Atlanta next weekend. That should be my last visit. I really hope to get an offer while I am down there."

Are all the schools recruiting you as running back or linebacker?

"All of them want me as a running back."

I see the schools on your list run varied styles of offense. Do you have one you'd prefer to play?

"I really don't have a preference but I really would like to have a chance to play in one like Georgia Tech runs. Not a lot of teams run that offense. I'd like to be able to be a running back in that type of offense. It would be fun to play in that20type of offense."

Do you have a leader right now?

"I guess you can say Vandy is my leader as they have been recruiting me since I was a sophomore. I'd like to take my visit to Georgia Tech next weekend and see how everything shapes up then. I want to see how everything compares after a visit to Georgia Tech."

What will be your factors in making a final decision?

"First and foremost, it will be an education decision. I want to have a valuable degree when I leave college, something that can carry me in life. Secondly, I want to go to a good winning program that has a good tradition. Next on the list would be my relationship with the coaches. I want to play for a staff that I really can connect with and like a lot. Finally, the campus and how I feel there at the school will be the last thing that will factor into my decision."

Do you have a time frame for a decision?

"Right now I plan on having some sort of signing day ceremony at my high school. I will announce where I go on signing day."

Dale's Take:

Wesley was very up front about what he wants from a school. He says he wants to hear from Georgia Tech and see what they have to offer. He is really hoping he gets that offer from Tech and if it does come through he will evaluate all the schools and make a decision. Right now Vanderbilt holds a lead due to them building a relationship with him from his sophomore year but things can change if something he likes better comes along.

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