West Coast DB Looking East

Nat Berhe, a cornerback from Colton, California has a new team entering into the picture for his services. Right now he has several offers from West Coast teams but one from the East Coast has made an impression on Nat. He could be in line for a trip out east.

Nat Berhe - Profile

How is your recruiting going right now?

"I'd say it is going very well. I had several offers in hand right now and I am hoping to get one from another team in the very near future."

What offers do you have to date?

"I have offers from San Diego State, UTEP, Idaho, New Mexico, and Minnesota. Plus I have been talking with Georgia Tech and they have shown a lot of interest in me and I really hope they offer me in the next couple of weeks. I've always liked them and would love to have a chance to play for them."

How did you get into Georgia Tech's recruiting plans?

"Well, Coach Todd Spencer and I have been talking a lot and I sent them some film of my games and he said the entire staff was blown away by my play. They liked it so much that they are trying to get me in for a visit in the next two weeks. All this has happened in the last few weeks so there is a rush to get me in on a visit. Coach Spencer is looking at flights and trip plans to get me to Atlanta and I really hope we can do this The trip is pretty close to happening and in fact I feel it is there to happen... I hope to get in on the 23rd of this month. I should know by Wednesday night if and what date the trip will take place."

Do you have any favorites right now?

"Yes sir, right now my favorites a re from the ones that have offered me, Idaho, UTEP, and San Diego State."

What if Georgia Tech offers you?

"They will move up to the top of my list. I really like everything I know about Georgia Tech and I personally want this to happen."

Obviously, distance isn't a factor, correct?

"Oh no sir, not at all. I feel that I can handle the distance. If you see the schools that have offered they are a good ways from Southern California save San Diego State which is still a 3 hour or so drive."

How about weather, having been in Southern California a lot, I know the weather there is pretty much a constant?

"When I went to a visit to Idaho it was the first time seeing snow and I wasn't real sure about that. I like the warm, hot type weather but I feel I can adjust if need be. Playing in Atlanta would be something that I would enjoy."

How about playing for a school with a campus in big town?

"Where I live, you leave one town and the next street over is another town so it pretty much a big town here. Playing in a big town would be nice; you'd have a lot to do. Still, I know that I will have to do the right things and not doing anything to get into trouble and that wouldn't be a problem for me.

What are your measurables?

"Right now I am 6' tall and weigh 186 pounds. I run a 4.51 40 time."

How would you describe your play on the field?

"I am a very aggressive, hard hitting corner back that loves to hit. In fact Coach Spencer at Georgia Tech told me that he really loves my style of play and he feels that my play is exactly what they are looking for in a cornerback."

Dale's Take:

Nat was a very good interview. Judging by his desire to get an offer from Georgia Tech, I feel if they do offer, he will commit to the Yellow Jackets on his visit. I think if this happens, Tech will be getting an underrated player and one that will make an impact.

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