Darius Jones closing in on decision

With National Signing Day looming, Chamblee running back Darius Jones is taking his time in making some important decisions. Darius is the younger brother of current Georgia Tech running back Roddy Jones.

Darius Jones - Profile

How is recruiting going for you?

"It is going very well. I have an offer from Air Force, and Dartmouth has expressed a lot of interest and wants me as a running back. They don't offer scholarships, but they have sent info for me to look over. I've also been hearing from Samford, Wofford, and Presbyterian. The coaches from Samford are coming by Tuesday to talk to me. Air Force has told me their coaches are setting up a time to come by as well."

Do you have a team that is leader right now?

"Yes sir, I will have to say that Air Force is at the very top of my list as this time. I really like what they have to offer and everything that they can do for me to make me a better person and football player."

Do you think you will be committing to them?

"I'm not 100% sure just yet, but they are the top school right now as they are division 1-A and they can give me a head start of what I want to eventually do in life after college and that is to be a doctor. They have high academics, the school is very appealing it self as they are located in a beautiful area of the country, and they can guarantee me a job right out of college. I want to become a doctor so they will pay for med school and that is a huge plus."

When do you think you will be announcing a commitment?

"I will announce before signing day, but I will be take a tour of Air Force after signing day to see everything they have to offer on an official basis."

Did anything ever materialize between you and Georgia Tech since your brother plays there?

"I went to Tech a lot and I see they have a lot running backs in front of me and while I'd love to play on the same team with my brother, both Tech and myself thought the fit wasn't the best for me. I'll still pull for Roddy no matter where I am playing, and I know he'll be doing the same for me. I was very happy for him during this season. As the season went along, he got more and more touches and in the Georgia game, his name was called a lot on SportsCenter. I was very happy for him in that game."

Well, if you do select Air Force, what will be the plan for you?

"Since Air Force doesn't redshirt their players, I will probably go through their prep school they send some players. While the classes do not count towards the Academy, it allows the players to get ready both physically and academically for the Academy without it counting towards the four years of playing for Air Force. I think that will be the best way for me to go as I can get myself football ready without losing a year of my four."

This would be the first time you or Roddy have been a good ways from home, what does your family think about this?

"At first, my Mom was skeptical. Once she met with officials from Air Force, she saw everything they had to offer me and how it would be such a big head start in life after college. She was okay with me being that far away and in the military. I know it will be tough in the beginning especially the first couple of weeks but I feel can get through it and handle anything that comes my way. The more I think about it, the more I look forward to doing it."

On a closing note, can you update us with your measureables?

"I am 5' 9" and weigh 160 pounds and have a current 40 time of 4.4.

Dale's Take:

Darius is a very well spoken person and his parents will be very proud of him as he goes on in life. They have done a great job in raising him and Roddy. Although he hasn't made a commitment just yet, it seems like he has an idea of what he wants to do but will listen to what Dartmouth and Samford have to offer. I know Darius will be successful no matter what direction he takes.

#7 RB Darius Jones - Jr. Highlights

#7 RB Darius Jones - Jr. Highlights

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