Antonio Foster: Silent but Deadly

Valdosta High offensive lineman Antonio Foster has been busy since his senior season ended. Tony recently participated in the Offense-Defense All Star game and made his trip to Atlanta for his official visit to Georgia Tech. Tony talked about those two events and his plans for signing day.

Antonio Foster - Profile

How did you do in the Offense-Defense All-Star game?

"I was told I played great. I felt I dominated the other side of the line. Coaches said I had a great game."

Did you get a chance to talk with any of the players on the team that will be attending Tech with you?

"Yes sir, I did. I had a great time in meeting Stephen Hill, Jordan Luallen, and Roderick Sweeting. They are a great groups of guys. I am looking forward to playing with them. Roderick really impress me as he shutdown Jerry Rice Jr. from his defensive back position. I know this class coming into Georgia Tech is a very good one. In fact, we feel we are one of the best if not the best in a very long time to come to Tech. We have the confidence that we will put our mark on the program."

Have the coaches talked with you about getting playing time right away as a freshman?

"Yes sir, coaches want me to work hard and come in and play aggressive to earn playing time. I told Coach Spencer that I am coming in silent but deadly. I will do what it takes to not only earn playing time but to come in and start. I feel that I can do what it takes to get there. Coach Spencer told me that he loved that attitude and is looking forward to getting me on campus."

How did you official visit to Georgia Tech go?

"I had a great time. I got a chance to meet a lot of my future teammates and tour the whole school. I loved talking with the coaches and getting a chance to see the facilities which are top notch in my opinion. The campus setting is one that I really like. I like that it is set in Atlanta and it still seems like a small town campus while you are on campus."

Do you feel your change from Tennessee to Georgia Tech was a good decision?

"Yes sir, I most definitely do. I am very glad to be going to Tech. It is the best place for me and it's one decision I am glad I made. It all worked out for the best in the end. I'm very happy to be at Tech and would do it again given the same situation."

Sounds like you are excited and ready for the summer and fall to get here?

"Yes sir, I am. I love playing football and love talking to the fans and other students. I hope to be able to talk to fans and students after the game too. I am a pretty big guy so I'm hard to miss and hope to strike up some friendships with others besides my teammates."

Do you have any plans for signing day?

"I will hold a ceremony first thing that morning at my high school."

Have the Tech coaches said anything to you about what they want you to do between now and June when you enroll for the summer?

"Yes sir, they have. Coach Spencer said after signing day they will fax me some workouts and strength conditioning programs to work out to get ready for Coach Johnson's way of getting ready to play football. I'm looking forward to doing that so I'll be ready for the summer workouts. I know they really make you work hard to be ready for the season."

What are you doing now that football is over?

"Right now, I am playing basketball for Valdosta. We are 18-1 and beat Colquitt County tonight 70-38. I play power forward and sometimes move over to the center position. Coach likes me at the power forward because I am pretty athletic for a big man."

Dale's Take:

Tony was in a very good mood as he was coming home from his basketball game in which he had a good game. He is looking forward to getting to Georgia Tech and is coming in with the notion of working his tail off to earn playing time right away. He says he will be working hard on his strength and conditioning before he gets to campus in June so that it will not be a complete shock in difference from high school football to college football. I for one think he will do just fine just by the determination in his voice. Top Stories