Dalcourt Announces Decision

Courtney Dalcourt, from Franklin Simpson High School in Franklin, Kentucky, was down to three schools in his recruitment, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, and Western Kentucky. Courtney has made a decision on his school.

Courtney Dalcourt – Profile

When we last spoke you just had made a visit to Georgia Tech, how has your recruiting been since then?

"I just got back from an official visit to Western Kentucky this past Sunday."

How did that visit go?

"It was real good, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I liked every thing about the visit. I saw the campus and the students are very friendly there. I spoke with the coaches and players while I was there too. The thing that impressed me the most was that the President of the University took me aside and we had a good long conversation about how he felt Western Kentucky was a place that would be ideal for me. That really made an impression on me. He went out of his way to make me feel very wanted by the entire school not just the athletic department. That was awesome."

Have you made a decision on a school to attend?

"Yes sir, I have. I committed to Western Kentucky this morning. I called the coaches and informed them that I was choosing them over Georgia Tech and Kentucky."

What made you pick Western Kentucky over your two previous favorites?

"Besides the fact the President of the school making a very favorable impression on me, the fact that Western Kentucky isn't an established school like Georgia Tech and Kentucky was the main reason. I can come in and help establish them as a good football program and hopefully after I leave school I can leave my mark on the program with the class coming in with me. I know Georgia Tech and Kentucky play in major conference and Coach Johnson at Georgia tech said he really felt I could come in and battle for the starting job at quarterback and Kentucky said I could be a starter at running back or safety, I felt being a part of establishing a program was something that was more appealing. Nothing against Georgia Tech or Kentucky at all, they are great schools."

Was distance a factor?

"Western Kentucky is only 25 miles from my home but it isn't a factor. I could care less if I was playing in California or in my home town. I just wanted to be where I felt was best for me for the next four or five years.'

Did you have good relationships with the coaches at all three schools?

"Yes sir, I did and I hope I still do. Coach Spencer at Georgia Tech was great to me and the coaches at Kentucky treated me great too. I've built great relationships with all the coaches at Western Kentucky too."

What will you major in at Western Kentucky?

"I will go into a major that can lead me into the medical field, maybe some sports science major or one that will let me become a teacher down the road after college."

When will you enroll?

"I will enroll for the summer semester and start summer workouts when I get to school."

Of the two remaining schools, how would you rate them in your recruitment?

"I feel both Georgia Tech and Kentucky are about even. Both have real positive things about them and it would have been a tough decision if I didn't decide on Western Kentucky. Tech playing in the ACC and a chance to be a quarterback in Coach Johnson's offense is something that any player would love to be in a position to have. Kentucky playing in the SEC is a big plus too. Still, I feel western Kentucky was the best place for me."

What's on your agenda now?

"Right now I am playing basketball. We are 13-6 but we've lost our starting point guard so we have to overcome his injury and hope to make a good run for a title in basketball."

Dale's Take:

Courtney was very positive about his decision. Before visiting Western Kentucky he was really torn between Georgia Tech and Kentucky. Both had so much to offer him and he liked both equally. Western Kentucky came in and the trip blew him away and he found a place he really felt at home. I for one wish him the best and am glad I had a chance to interview him several times during his recruitment.

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