RB Robert Godhigh makes his college choice

Has Robert Godhigh made a decision on his plans for college? The Harrison High School running back made a visit to Georgia Tech and came away impressed with what he saw both academically and athletically.

Robert Godhigh - Profile

I understand you have made a decision on which school you will be attending?

"Yes sir I did. I've talked it over with my parents and I've decided to attend Georgia Tech. They have everything I want in a school so it was an easy decision."

What made you decide on Georgia Tech?

"I've always liked Georgia Tech growing up and they fit everything I want in a school. They are a great academic program with a great football tradition. Tech really stresses the academics to the student-athletes. It's like football and academics go hand in hand with one another. They put academics first though. I feel that is very important. Also, I have several friends on the team already and it is not far from home."

Who are some you friends on the team?

"I've made real good friendships with Jonathan Dwyer, Roddy Jones, Josh Nesbitt, Lucas Cox and Tyler Melton. They all have told me how great a place Tech is and how much I will enjoy it there. That was a big plus too."

What will you major in once you get to Georgia Tech?

"I will either major in International Affairs or go into Management. I really haven't made up my mind but I feel it will be from one of those areas."

What position will you play?

"I've have been told I will be an A-Back once I get to Tech in the summer. I will enroll in June and start summer work-outs that the A-Backs go through."

I bet you parents are happy you are attending Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir, they are. With Tech being so close they can come to all the games and get a chance to see me play."

What are your measureables?

"I am 5' 7" and weigh 190 pounds and run a 4.5 flat forty."

What were you final stats at Harrison for your senior year?

"I ended up with 1,329 yards on the ground with 23 touchdowns. I also returned 2 kick-offs for touchdowns. I did play some on defense but was mostly at the running back position."

Since the football season is over are you participating in any other sports?

"Yes sir, I run the 4x100 relay in track."

Dale's Take:

Robbie was an excellent interview. He stressed that he really loved how Coach Johnson and Georgia Tech watches over the student-athletes with regard to their academics. Robbie said he felt that Tech wants their players to succeed both on and off the field and that was a big factor in his decision to attend Georgia Tech. Tech is getting another high character player that is a very good football player.

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