Wesley Tate Names His Final 4

Hendersonville, Tennessee running back Wesley Tate added a fourth school to his final list after taking a weekend visit to Georgia Tech. Tate will wait until signing day to let everyone know which school he selects.

Wesley Tate - Profile

When we last talked you were getting ready for your official visit to Georgia Tech. Did you make the visit?

"Yes sir, I did. We got down to Atlanta on Friday and really enjoyed our weekend there."

How did the visit go?

"Oh it went very well. I really enjoyed it. On Friday, I got a chance to meet my host Roddy Jones. We toured the equipment room, weight room, and took in the coaches' office. Later that evening, we went to The Capital City Grille and had a very good time there. After our dinner, Carl Miles and myself hung out with the players for the rest of the evening. On Saturday, we went to the players lounge and equipment rooms. They are very nice. I spoke with Derrick Moore for a very long time and I really enjoyed my talk with him. He is a great guy. I really liked speaking with him. On Sunday, I had a chance to talk with all the coaches, especially Coach Spencer and Coach Johnson. Coach Spencer is my recruiting coach. Coach Johnson talked about how much he wanted me there and felt I would add a lot to the team if I came to Tech."

Did you commit while you were on your trip?

"No sir, I talked with both Coach Johnson and Coach Spencer and told them I really need to talk with my parents and sleep on it before making a decision. After all my visits, I really have to see which school is the best fit for me."

Since it is getting very close to signing day, are you down to a final list?

"Yes sir, I will decide from Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Purdue and Stanford. Right now none of them have a lead over the other. It will be a tough decision to make and that's why I want to sleep on it and make sure the decision I make is the right one and not one that I make hastily."

When will you be making your decision?

"I'll will be announcing my college choice on signing day. I know that is probably the earliest I will know as I will really discuss the pros and cons of each school with my parents and it be one we will discuss thoroughly and I will take their advice along with all the info I have on all four schools."

Now that it's decision time, what factors will be you be considering?

"Most importantly, how comfortable I feel at the school. That includes how well I fit in with the players already there and coming in this year and how I feel I relate to the coaches and the students at the school. Distance and campus setting will not have as much a factor as my comfort level with the school."

Dale's Take:

Wesley had a great time at Georgia Tech and now comes the hard part for him. He feels he has four schools that he likes a lot and each has great things about them. He will be doing a lot of comparing and thinking over this next week.

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