RB Charles Perkins commits to Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech held the first of two Elite Junior Days today and came away with a commitment from one of the attendees. Collins Hill High School running back Charles Perkins has become the first player to commit to the Yellow Jackets. Charles is a highly sought after running back from Suwanee, Georgia and he gave Coach Johnson and Georgia Tech his verbal today.

Charles Perkins - Profile

Charles, how did your trip to Georgia Tech and their Junior Day go?

"It went very well. I've been to Georgia Tech several times before but today really sealed the deal for me. I committed to Georgia Tech today at their Junior Day."

What made you decide to commit today?

"Well, I've been to Georgia Tech several times in the past and they have been recruiting me since my sophomore year. I got a chance to meet Coach Johnson several times and really bonded well with him. He talked with me and told me how much he wanted me at Georgia Tech. Getting to know Coach Johnson really helped me with my decision. That was a huge part in my decision but I think another factor was after my parents had a chance to talk with Coach Johnson and they saw how great of a coach he is and a great person too, it really just sealed the deal for me."

What did you do while you were at Tech's Junior Day?

"First thing we did was listen to both Coach Johnson talk about Georgia Tech as a school and as a football team. Then we talked with Derrick Moore, the team Chaplain. Next we went and saw all the facilities, the dorms, locker room, the CRC building, which was very nice, and all the other athletic facilities. We then watched a little bit of the basketball game on TV as the tour was during the game. It was nice to see the Jackets win over Wake Forest. After that, we talked with Coach Johnson on an individual basis and that is where I made my decision to attend Georgia Tech."

What made you decide Georgia Tech is the place for you?

"I really got along with Coach Johnson a lot. That was a big plus. Also, the team is one that had a very good season and is on the rise. Tech is heading upwards as a team. I see Georgia Tech competing for not only ACC championships but National Championships in the next couple of years. Coach Johnson is building something special at Georgia Tech and I want to be a part of it. And to top it off, Georgia Tech will give you an education that is one of the best in the country by far. When you leave Georgia Tech with a degree, you will go far in life. Another thing is that Tech is close to home and my parents can drive down from Gwinnett County easily and watch me play."

What will you major in while at Georgia Tech?

"I will major in Business Management."

Now that you have given Georgia Tech your verbal, other schools will come after you hard to see if you will change your mind. What will you tell them?

"You really don't close doors but in this situation, I am going to say I am a man of my word and I will say I am commitment to Georgia Tech and I will honor that commitment. Once I made the commitment to Georgia Tech I am solid to them. Like I say, I am a man of my word and I will not go anywhere else."

When will you be enrolling into Georgia Tech?

"I'm already set to enroll in January of 2010. After my first semester of my senior year, I will be fully qualified to enroll into college and I will do that."

Dale's Take:

Charles is a very well spoken young man and he knew what he wanted and he didn't waste any time in making his decision. Charles was very excited to get his news out. He has formed a bond with not only the school but the coaches at Georgia Tech. He was very upbeat about everything Tech has to offer and is very happy to get his news out. Georgia Tech has picked up a very highly rated recruit to start off their 2010 recruiting season.

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