Kolton Houston Attends GT Junior Day

Buford High School lineman Kolton Houston made a last minute decision that he's glad he made. A phone call from his coach had the 6'5" lineman heading to Georgia Tech for their junior elite day. Strong interest from Tech made that decision an easy one.

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I understand you just got back from Georgia Tech's Junior day. How did the visit go?

"I really enjoyed my visit to Georgia Tech. It was very, very good. I liked it a lot."

What did you enjoy about the visit?

"I really enjoyed meeting and talking with Coach (Paul) Johnson the most. I talked with all the coaches but getting to meet Coach Johnson and actually talking with him was something I really liked and enjoyed a lot. I also talked with my recruiting coach, Coach (Jeff) Monken and Coach (Giff) Smith too. All the coaches at Georgia Tech really made me feel wanted and welcome and that was a big plus for Georgia Tech. To make you feel that wanted is something that will stick with me during the recruiting process. I also liked that Georgia Tech is very close to home."

Did you have a chance to speak with anyone else?

"Yes sir I did. I talked with Chaplain (Derrick) Moore. He is very special and I am glad to know him. He has been a speaker at my high school and a camp I have attended and he is a person that I really like. He made the trip one worth taking too."

How long have you planned on this visit?

"Well to be honest, I wasn't planning on going to anything this weekend. My high school coach called me last night and said that Georgia Tech really wanted me to attend their Elite Junior Day. I hadn't really heard much from Georgia Tech other than a few things in the mail. Last night I decided to go, so my parents, my grandfather and I jumped in the car today and drove down for the visit. I am very glad that my coach called and got me to go. I know it was a good decision to go. Both my parents and my grandfather really enjoyed everything that went on today. They loved meeting Coach Johnson as much as I did."

What did the coaches have to say to you?

"They told me that they liked me on both sides of the ball and that if I decided to attend Georgia Tech that I could decide on which side of the ball I want to play. Then after a couple of weeks if we felt the other side was a better fit for me, then I could change. I love that they are letting me have a say in which side I play. I don't have a preference. I just want to play and play the position that I feel will make the team better and get me on the field the quickest. They said that they loved the way I play football and that I would be an excellent addition to the program."

Sounds like you really hit it off with the staff at Georgia Tech?

"Oh yes sir I really did. This visit has shot Georgia Tech way up my list. The fact that they offered me a scholarship goes to show how much they have made me feel wanted at Georgia Tech."

What other offers do you have right now?

"Right now I have offers from Georgia Tech, Maryland, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Stanford."

Do you have a favorite to date?

"No sir I don't but after today's visit to Georgia Tech, they have shot way up there on my list. Still, I will keep my options open and not make a hasty decision."

What will you look for in a school when making your decision?

"I want to get a good education. Getting my degree will be the most important thing and I want a quality education to have after football. I will also look at coaching stability and how I get along with the coaches at the school. I know coaches come and go but I want to be at a school that has good coaches and ones that will hopefully be there my entire time in college. Ones that I can relate to and get along with very much is important."

It looks like you already have formed a bond with the coaches at Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir I have at that. I like all the coaches at Tech a lot. They really went out of their way to make me feel wanted and welcomed at Georgia Tech. I can't express how important that is to me."

Do you have a time frame for a decision?

"Well it depends on how many offers I have by the end of spring. If I have a lot of offers to sort through then I will make a decision at the end of spring. If I have a few, I will wait until my senior year starts and use my play this year to help me in my recruiting process."

What other visits do you have lined up?

"Right now I know of two visits that will take place. I will go to Vanderbilt and South Carolina for their Junior Days. I believe both of them are in mid-to-late February. Other than that, I'm not sure what else I have lined up."

Dale's Take:

Kolston was very glad he made this trip, one that he hadn't planned on making until his coach called and told him how much Georgia Tech wanted him to attend their Junior Day. Kolston said it was a decision he glad he made and that the trip to Atlanta was a great one, one that he enjoyed thoroughly. While he hasn't heard much from Georgia Tech in the past, this visit made a lasting impression on him and moved Tech way up on his list of schools.

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