Ryan Ayers Talks GT Junior Day

South Paulding High School's Ryan Ayers took his Junior Day visit to Georgia Tech and came away impressed. The 5' 10", 178-pound cornerback is being recruited by many schools across the south. Ryan talked about his trip and his impression of Georgia Tech.

Ryan Ayers - Profile

How was your Junior Day visit to Atlanta?

"It went very good. I really had a great time at Georgia Tech. They put on a great visit for us and we all liked everything that went on while we were there. I liked everything about the trip. I'd rate it a 10 for a visit."

What did you get to do while you where there?

We walked around the campus and toured all the facilities both from the academic side and from the athletic side. Tech has some really great things to offer a person. The coaches talked about the school and how we would fit in both as a player and as a student. We had a chance to talk to all the coaches and hear how they coach the players and what they expect out of the players. I talked a good bit with Coach (Paul) Johnson and Coach (Brian) Bohannon, my recruiting coach."

Did you receive an offer while you were there?

"Yes sir I did. Coach Johnson came over to us and pulled me aside and said he wanted me to come to Georgia Tech and was officially giving me an offer to attend Georgia Tech. He said I was the type of player that he looks for and feels I am exactly the type of student-athlete that would do great at Tech on the field and in the classroom. He says he thinks I can be the type of cornerback they want on defense."

Did Coach Johnson have any advice for you?

"Yes sir he did. He told me the recruiting process is real tough and for me to take some visits and make sure the decision I make is one I am sure of. He wants me at Georgia Tech and told me so but he wants what I think is best for myself and that is something I liked hearing."

Could you see yourself playing for Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir I can. I am very interested in Georgia Tech. Today was a trip I really enjoyed and I feel like I could play for Georgia Tech. Coach Johnson is really cool and I like him very much. He's a coach you can relate to and want to play for."

Have you set up anymore Junior Day visits?

"I'm not sure exactly which ones I will be going to but I know I will go to a few more before the spring practices start."

How many offers do you have right now?

"I have offers from Georgia Tech, Duke, Arkansas, and North Carolina."

What will be the biggest factor in deciding which school you will attend?

"I think the biggest factor will be the comfort level I have for that school. The school I feel the most comfortable with will be the one I will choose. Getting along with the coaches, players, and students is huge factor for me." Dale's Take:
Ryan had a great time in Atlanta and he says he's very interested in Georgia Tech. He likes every thing they have to offer and hit it off with the coaches there, especially Coach Johnson.

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