Isaiah Johnson names an early leader

Sandy Creek High School's Isaiah Johnson didn't have far to go to find a leader for his college choice. The 6'2" 180 pound safety, coveted by many schools across the southeast, left Georgia Tech's junior elite day with a clear leader in mind. Isaiah talked about his visit and what made one team his leader.

Isaiah Johnson - Profile

How did your visit go at Georgia Tech today?

"It was very good. I really enjoyed the visit as did my brother. We really enjoyed ourselves while we were there."

What did you do on the visit?

"Well, we talked with the coaches and current players. The players broke down into their positions and took the players at that position and talked about how they practice and how they are coached at their position. I liked how they did that. We got a chance to see all the facilities and I liked the locker rooms and the CRC building. I got a chance to go to the CRC before but it was something I looked forward to touring again. We got a chance to see the dorms we would live in and they are the best I've seen thus far. All the coaches talked to us about how they coach and what they expect Georgia Tech to be as a team. Coach Johnson pulled me aside during one of the talks and offered me a scholarship. I really enjoyed talking with him a lot as he's a real cool coach and relates to the players very well. My mom was real excited when she heard I got an offer. She told me if I wanted to make a decision that she wants to be there when I do."

How did you feel about getting the offer and what did Coach Johnson say to you?

"Man, I am real excited about getting an offer from Georgia Tech. I like the coaches there a lot and really like how Coach Johnson handled it. He told me to take the offer and take some visits and make sure I am 100% sure of where I want to go. He said he really wanted me at Georgia Tech but he wasn't going to pressure me into a decision this early. He wants me to be sure my decision is the right one for me."

What rating would you give the visit?

"I'd say it was an eight out of a ten for me."

What other schools are recruiting you?

"Besides Georgia Tech, I am hearing from Vanderbilt, Duke and North Carolina State a lot right now."

Do you have a favorite?

Yes sir, I do. I like Georgia Tech the best right now. They are my favorite and my leader."

What makes Georgia Tech your favorite?

"I've been to a few schools and the coaches at Georgia Tech are ones that you really can be yourself around. I feel really comfortable around all of them and that is huge in my eyes. I really like Coach Smith and my recruiting coach, Coach Buzz Preston."

Do you have any other Junior Day visits set up?

"Yes sir, I will be going to Vanderbilt and North Carolina for sure. I am not real sure what others I will make, but I will try to make some others so I can have a lot info to make my decision."

Do you feel a decision is close then?

"I hope to have one made right before summer starts so I can concentrate on my last year of high school. I want to have it done before summer workouts start up."

Dale's Take:

Isaiah was very excited about his trip to Georgia Tech. You could tell that he really enjoyed his visit and he feels that Coach Johnson is a coach he would love playing for during college. He mentioned several times how at ease he felt around the coaches and how great they treated him and his family. He says the visit was an 8 because he feels it is hard to be perfect on a visit. Isaiah has been to Georgia Tech a few times to games last year and he hopes to take in many this year as they are his clear leader. Top Stories