Barry Bostic gets first offer, names leader

Louisville, Georgia quarterback Barry (B.J.) Bostic came to Atlanta for Georgia Tech's Junior Elite Day without any offers. That isn't the case anymore. He left with an offer, Georgia Tech as his leader and the option to play on either side of the ball if he comes to Georgia Tech.

Barry Bostic - Profile

How did the visit to Georgia Tech go yesterday?

"I had a very good time there. It went really well. Everything was done up just right and we enjoyed the trip a lot."

What did you do on the trip?

"We toured the campus and the facilities but the highlight of the trip for me was being able to sit down and talk with Coach Johnson one-on-one. He called me and my family into a room and gave me an offer to Georgia Tech. He said he would also be giving me a written offer. I really enjoyed talking with Coach Johnson. He's very cool, down to earth, and you know where you stand with him. I see why players love playing for him. I got a chance to talk with other recruits and some of the current players while I was there."

What did Coach Johnson have to say to you when you two talked?

"He told me that he really wanted me at Georgia Tech and that's why he was personally giving me my offer on the Junior Day. He also told me that the position I play would be my decision. He said he could see me playing anywhere from quarterback, slot back (A-Back), or cornerback. I told him that it didn't matter to me as long I can make a contribution to the team and help the team win."

How did you feel about getting this offer?

"Well, it is my first offer and it made me feel real good that Georgia Tech wants me there and Coach Johnson went out of his way to extend my offer to me. Georgia Tech is my leader and my favorite team right now. I felt real good up at Georgia Tech."

Which of the current players did you talk with on your trip?

"I talked with Roddy Jones, Steven Sylvester and Dominique Reese. I really got along with Dominique Reese. He told me that we had a lot in common as he came from high school as a quarterback and didn't really play defense that much. He's now a starting defensive back and loves it. He told me that I could be just like him and come in and mark an impact if I really worked hard."

How would you rate your trip?

"The trip was a perfect 10 for me. It couldn't have gone better in my eyes."

I understand your cousin will be signing with Georgia Tech on Wednesday?

"Yes sir, Chris Crenshaw will be signing with Tech. In fact, at our high school, I will attend his signing day function. Our school has built an addition just for these things adjacent to the weight room. At 10:00 AM, Chris will sign and his family will be there with me and our coach. Later that day, our coach will take Chris and I to Augusta for a special signing day party. We are looking forward to that."

Has Chris tried to get you to commit to Georgia Tech?

"Oh yes sir, he is talking to me all the time about how great it would be for us to play together at Tech. His mom talks to me a lot too telling me how she felt Tech is the place for me. I feel it would be great for Chris and I to play together in college."

Do you feel you would commit to Georgia Tech then?

"I like Georgia Tech the best, but I owe it to myself to see what other schools have to offer. I will be going to South Carolina on February 21st to their Junior Day and possibly to Vanderbilt on March 21st to theirs. I will see some other schools and compare them and then make a decision. I really don't have a time frame. I just want to see what's out there and then decide."

What factors will go into making your decision?

"Academics is the first thing, it has to be a good school academically. Also, is the program one that's pushing to win championships. I want to be one that is successful on the field. The surroundings are also important and how I feel comfort wise at the school are two other factors. Finally, I will talk with my family and see how we all feel about where I am going. I have a lot of family in Atlanta, Conyers, and Buford. I want them to be able to see me play if they want."

Who is your recruiting coach at Georgia Tech?

"Coach Giff Smith is my recruiting coach. I like him a lot. We really hit it off. You can see he's a players coach and knows how to get the best out of you just from listening to him talk."

Dale's Take:

B.J. was very upbeat about his trip. In fact, I felt he was going to tell me he committed early in our conversation. He says he likes Georgia Tech and Atlanta very much and likes the fact that Chris Crenshaw is up there. Still, he will look at other schools to weigh all his options but I feel Georgia Tech has a huge lead for his services and is in good shape with B.J. Bostic. Top Stories