McCoy Takes In FSU Junior Day

Denzel McCoy, the Northview defensive lineman, is a highly sought-after prospect by many schools across the nation. Twenty-three schools, to be exact, have already extended him a scholarship offer. He was in Tallahassee for a Junior Day visit this weekend.

Denzel McCoy - Profile

How was his trip to Florida State?

"It went great. I had a great time, it was really a fun experience. They were very hospitable. It was different than I had expected it to be. It was really awesome. I hung out with the Byrnes (High School) guys and other recruits. I also saw the stadium."

How did McCoy rate his visit?

"I'd give it a 9 as far as visit-wise. I didn't get to see the dorms. But everything else was great."

McCoy was able to talk with the coaches while he was down there, too.

"I met with the coaches. I got to talk with Coach Bowden for awhile. They said they wanted me, and that I was welcome to come there. They were just asking me what I was thinking, how I was doing, and how I liked the school."

He has no other Junior Days planned right now or any visits for the spring. He does want to watch some schools' spring practices but that will be decided later on. He will be narrowing things down after spring football.

"That's when we'll start chopping down," he said.

Of the twenty-three offers on the table, which ones jump out at the top of his head?

"Georgia Tech, FSU, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Oregon, and Michigan State. Those are just some off the top of my head."

During the offseason, Denzel has normally played basketball. This year, however, is different.

"I'm working out with my team and my trainer. I'm done with basketball. I'm trying to get my playing weight up to 280 pounds this year."

He is currently at 271 pounds and should reach his goal of 280. Denzel also gave a list of the major factors he'll be looking at when narrowing things down to choose a school, now that he's getting closer to that event.

"I'd say the coaching staff, how I feel there, the feeling I get from the people (not just the staff but the players), and definitely an academic standpoint. They have to have my major, which would either be information technology or computer science." Top Stories