Kyle Woestmann Attends GT Junior Day

Walton High School's Kyle Woestmann has held an offer from Vanderbilt for months now and Duke, Alabama, Wake Forest, Central Florida, and East Carolina are all beginning to show high interest in the lineman prospect. Kyle is also getting interest from Georgia Tech, Louisville, Georgia, Florida, and Indiana, among others.

Kyle Woestmann - Profile

He was going to go with a teammate for Florida's Junior Day, but they decided to stay in town and visit Georgia Tech for their Elite Junior Day.

How was his visit?

"It was good," Kyle said. "It was a little long, but it was pretty neat. I really enjoyed the weight room, the athletic facilities, and meeting some of the players. The players were really good guys with good character. I really enjoyed them. The dorms are really nice. The weight room was cool because they have the Iron Jackets on a board, and I noticed that I'm already out-lifting some of them. They want me to play offense there, which doesn't bother me, but I'd like to play defense a little more. I could play either one."

Kyle said most other schools want him on the defensive side of the ball. Does GT's different style of offense make it more attracting to play on the line for that offense opposed to others?

"Somewhat yeah and somewhat no. It's nice because it's really quick and fast-paced. I've been working on my speed so I could do it well. The thing I don't like is there's not as much old-school blocking where you drive guys and pancake them. It's more cut-blocking, I don't like that as much. But it is cool that you constantly are pounding the defense, that's fun. I'm kind of annoyed though, they have another offensive lineman ahead of me right now so that's why they haven't offered me. I know I could do what they want as good as anybody. I'm not even sure GT's my fit though."

Kyle will certainly have a lot of time to find the right fit. He'll be attending Junior Days this month at Wake Forest, Alabama, North Carolina State, and UCF. He may be visiting Georgia, Florida and Vanderbilt also this spring. He says of all the visits:

"I'm excited to go. It's going to be like a circus traveling show next month." He also plans to go to a Nike Combine in March, a combine at the Georgia Dome if Scout does it again, and a national combine for underclassmen. He has set a goal to play in the Under Armour All-American game or the Army All-American game next year.

In the meantime, Woestmann will be working hard to get faster and stronger.

He mentioned that he's running track to help his 40-time and is hitting the weight room hard. He says he is already strong enough to catch college coaches attention but that he would really like to get faster and down to 4.8 speed. "Who knows, I could be a tight end/defensive end prospect by then," he said. "I'm just working hard to be versatile."

Kyle says he's hoping to have all the offers he wants before his senior season starts so he can have his recruiting finished.

He doesn't want to be worrying about recruiting while he's making memories. He'll wait if he has to though, he said. Recently, Coach Bobby Johnson and an assistant stopped by to see him at school. Coach Johnson and Vanderbilt remain at the top of his list, for now. Top Stories