DeAndre Smelter discusses GT visit

For Tatnall Square safety DeAndre Smelter, deciding where he'll attend college may not be the only decision he'll have to make before he graduates. Smelter, a two sport star, talks about his visit to Georgia Tech's Junior Elite Day and his upcoming decision to play college football or pursue a career in professional baseball.

DeAndre Smelter - Profile

How did your visit go at Georgia Tech?

"It went really well. It was a very good experience and I had a fantastic time up there on Saturday."

What did you get to do on the visit?

"We toured the campus. I had a chance to see all the athletic facilities like the weight room, locker room and players lounge. We also toured the academic sites. My mom really has stressed my academics since I was a kid in elementary school. She liked what she saw at Georgia Tech as did I. We also talked with some current players. I talked with Roddy Jones a lot and he is a very cool guy. I came away very impressed with the visit. I'd rate it a 9 as a visit as we liked it a lot."

Have you lined up any other Junior Day visits or selected any teams to take in their spring practices?

"No sir, not really and I'm not sure if I will either. I'm playing basketball right now and we've also started baseball workouts. We've done some weight lighting and some exercises to help get our arms ready for baseball."

How is the basketball team looking?

"We look real good. We should make a strong run this year."

Have you heard anything about your draft status for the 2010 June MLB draft?

"Not a whole lot. We are still getting some feelers on where I might go but that is a ways off."

Will you try and play both sports (football and baseball) in college if you go the college route?

"I will try and give a shot if I can. Baseball is my first love but football is up there too. I will decide what is the best way for me to handle this once I get to college."

What did Coach Johnson say to you about playing both sports?

"He really is very supportive of the idea. In fact, Coach Hall came by and talked to me for a while about me playing baseball if I chose to come to Georgia Tech. I really like that Coach Johnson is supportive of the idea."

What impression did you come away with on Coach Johnson?

"He's a very laid back coach but you can tell he cares about his players and will get the best out of you. He can get to the players and relate to them and that's something important to me."

How about the campus, does the fact Georgia Tech is in a major city a drawback for you?

"No sir, not at all. I really liked the campus. Despite being in a big city, you still get that cozy feeling while you are on campus. It's really nice and a very big eye opener once you get there."

What schools are you hearing the most from right now?

"Georgia Tech, Maryland, Georgia, and North Carolina State are the ones I get the most mail and talk with the most at this time."

Have you received any offers to date?

"No sir, not yet but once I get more exposure I feel the offers will start coming in for me."

Do you have a preference on a school?

"I can't really say that I do right now as it's very early and I've pretty much gone from football straight to basketball and baseball workouts. Following basketball I will jump straight into baseball. Once baseball is over and right before summer leagues, I will try and see what I can do to take in some visits and see what is out there. Right now, Georgia Tech is the only school I've really seen a lot of and hopefully I can see more soon to start forming some opinions on them."

What factors will be ones that will guide you into your college choice?

"Academics is definitely first. Like I said earlier, my Mom has stayed on me and really has stressed academics to me since I was a little kid. Location isn't a huge factor but I really don't want to go too far from home. Also, how the campus and the people are at the school. Is the campus one that I feel comfortable with and are the coaches, players, and students friendly and easy to get along with. I know at Georgia Tech, all of the people were very friendly and the coaches are ones I got along with very much."

Dale's Take:

DeAndre talked about how he will handle playing football or possibly playing professional baseball. He said he will talk with his mom and weight those options when he hears what scouts are saying about him and his draft status. I asked him about his favorite MLB team since baseball is his first love and he replied that growing up in Georgia he is a Braves fan but he also pulls for the Boston Red Sox . Also, talking with his mom and DeAndre, I found out that she was a very good player on Northeast-Macon High School team under Coach Alvin Copeland. Coach Copeland always fields a very good girls basketball team and you can see where DeAndre gets a lot of his natural athleticism. Top Stories