Connor Shaw taking visits, weighing options

Flowery Branch quarterback Connor Shaw continues to pick up offers. Connor picked up another offer from West Virginia to go with the offer he recently got from Wake Forest. Have those two new offers changed his leader or is the home team still his favorite?

Connor Shaw - Profile

How did your Junior Day trip to Georgia Tech go?

"It went really well. I've been to the campus a lot so it was one of getting to know the coaches better. In fact that was the highlight and favorite part of the trip for me. When the recruits broke down in their playing positions to talk to the current players, Coach Johnson called me to his office and talked about me coming to Georgia Tech. He said he was looking forward to me being there but he felt it was good for me to take some visits to make sure I am 100% sure when I decide where I am going. We talked about what commitment meant. He told me he will be there when I am ready to commit, whether it's tomorrow, next week or next month, but if I do commit, my recruiting is over. I support that and I will be a man of my word to him if and when I commit. I really loved the one on one talk with Coach Johnson. It was very good and something I enjoyed."

Have you picked up any new offers?

"I was just offered last week by Wake Forest but Coach Galloway and Coach Mullen talked with my Dad and said that West Virginia has an offer for me and they faxed it over. That gives me 5 offers right now with Georgia Tech, Stanford and South Carolina offering me in the past."

How about any more Junior Day visits? Any new ones lined up?

"Right now I know I will be going to West Virginia (not sure of the date), Clemson, South Carolina on the 21st, and possibly Stanford on the 28th. Wake has a Junior Day on a Sunday that I plan to attend as well. Usually you see the Junior Days on a Saturday but Wake will have it on a Sunday so I feel I will be able to make theirs."

Do these two new offers change your leader?

"No sir, Tech is still on top. They are the only school I have visited and I like them a lot. They are still my leader."

How have your offseason workouts been going?

"Coach is really working us. We have been doing them for about three weeks now. We work every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday like clockwork."

Do you miss basketball any as you said this is your first season not playing the sport in a long time?

"No not as much as I thought I would. Basketball was my favorite sport in middle grades but football has taken over and I am devoting my time and effort into becoming a better player on the football field."

Have you heard about the Dontae Aycock scholarship being pulled for this year's class?

"Yes sir I have. All the players at Georgia Tech are behind Coach Johnson on this decision. You have to have some discipline in your program and the players all know where they stand with Coach Johnson. That is a big part of why they really love playing for him. It was a tough situation but he had to do what was best for the school."

Dale's Take:

Connor is still high as ever on Georgia Tech. He knows he owes it to himself to visit other schools before making a commitment. As he said, "Once I'm done, I'm done and that's it. I'll know when it's time and when it is I will be making that call." You have to love the way Connor is handling this and I applaud him for being very upfront. He knows he has a leader but he will do what it takes to make sure his leader is indeed the school he will eventually choose. Top Stories